Tuesday, September 15, 2015
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Cockette Of The Week

COTW nominator-in-chief, Captain Haddock, singles out topless totty Joanne Salley for this week’s prestigious (and possibly ‘Harrow-ing’) award for being a total cock.

If the stupid bitch, who now claims to be “traumatised” didn’t want the photos to be seen then why was she careless enough to leave the memory stick containing them lying around ?

Especially in an all-boys school .. and given that she is crumpet!

Being the cynical old bugger that I am, I suspect she subscribes to the notion that there’s no such thing as “bad” publicity, particularly when it comes free, gratis etc ..

tpless school teacher from Harrow

++ UPDATE ++ Uncensored photos are now available HERE

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  1. She could have left it there by accident, if she were a socialist?

    They have been known to be very careless. Look at Ed Milliband getting in bed with Ed Balls, that was even sillier.

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  2. “Joanne Salley, 32, a former model” – she’s still listed here:
    Other stories have suggested she could make a mint out of this little incident…
    The DM article points out that the pictures were taken by a fellow teacher (possibly in the art dept), so it’s hardly surprising they were “found” on a memory stick.

    And how come 800 odd spotty school kids have seen the originals, but none of them has bastard well leaked them onto the web…….

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    • All that money on a private education and they can’t even…

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    • “but none of them has bastard well leaked them onto the web…….”
      They have now … well somebody had to ;-)

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  3. Captain Haddock

    I particularly liked the full-length photo of her wearing a green dress, in the original article .. where the effect of the cold/wind can be seen to perfection ..

    Now, I thought .. There’s a pair of “nice buttons” .. and then I remembered that a Senior Copper was recently hounded to his death (by Politically Correct, Cock-sucking, Arse-wipes) .. for saying just those same words ..

    Well … Let me assure TPTB .. I have no intention of topping myself .. so “they” can all fuck-the-fuck, right off .. Gottit ?

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  4. Seems to be the day for a nice bit of schnauzer!

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