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Strictly Come Dancing Results Spoiler

There was quite a response to the Strictly Come Dancing Results Spoiler, that I did on Max Farquar last week. So I thought ‘what the heck’, let’s give it another go this week then … and see if we can upset a few more people by revealing the results before they actually go to air on the BBC. In case you didn’t already know, they record the SCD results show on the Saturday night but don’t broadcast it until Sunday. So … here is the Strictly Come Dancing results show spoiler for this week :

In the bottom two this week were :
Holly Valance and Russell Grant

And it was bye bye to Wembley, and the rest of the series, to …
Russell Grant

Or should that be ‘pie pie’ ;-)

++ UPDATE ++

Strictly Come Dancing Results Spoiler for November 26th is HERE

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  1. What a great pity you can’t do this on a national scale Max ..

    Together with “spoilers” for all the other reality, soap & sporting shite on TV ..

    Perhaps then the majority of the population might just pull their heads out of their own arses & notice how the country is being systematically and ruthlessly dismantled around them, before its too late ..

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  2. Oh Max! LOL. You b…

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  3. I never watch this kind of shite and never watch any soaps either. What a shocking waste of time spending so much of your life gawping at such shite when the real world is so much more interesting and challenging.
    An ex girlfriend of mine, OTOH, used to watch ALL the soaps and every other mind-numbing load of crap you can think of. Needless to say, it didn’t take very long for her to become my ex. The brainless cow.

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    • Fucking too right Earwig….but when you say “the real world is so much more challenging”, I suspect it’s for precisely this reason that people choose to immerse themselves in the predictive programming that constitutes the bullshit they call “soap operas”.

      As I said on a post over at Old Holborn recently, we are collectively a nation of “Mollies” asking the same basic stupid fucking question:-

      “Will there be sugar after the revolution?”

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  4. Not Old Hoborn, I meant Captain Ranty…

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  5. posted this on earlier, bet they’ll all running around flapping their arms….nooooooooo!!!!!

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  6. Don’t watch it except when flicking, but will be sad to see Russel go. Many years ago I used to be on the same committee as him on some association or other and we used to meet in his house sometimes. AFAICR he used to live in Fulham then.

    Bent as a three pound note but not offensive with it, and a really nice chap. Everyone on the committee liked him.

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  7. love it max , i,v been posting yr spoilers on fb in the hope that some wake up , keep up the good work ;D

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  8. Max, Russell wants a word with you. He was’t happy about this as he said the BBC look at your spoilers as they find it easier than having to make a decision themselves.

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