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How Things Have Changed

At the risk of sounding like a miserable old bastard …

… my oh my, how things have changed over the years.

And not always for the better.

How things have changed kids discipline bedroom tv

How things have changed school marks education pupils teachers exams reports

How things have changed tv fitness entertainment

Tip of the hat to Ampers for the images ;-)
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  1. As is usual, Amps ain’t wrong ..

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  2. Second one down in particular.

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  3. Yeah, kids have got it made today.

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  4. kids have done fuck all but played and get the same rights as adults. Cunts

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  5. Nice one Ampers

    Spot fucking cunting on !!!

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  6. Very good and very telling. I really like the first two.

    I kind of feel sorry for this up coming generation. For all the perks of having stuff and relative comfort, they really have been shafted by their elders and betters.

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