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Morally Wrong?

Treasury minister David Gauke has said that paying a tradesman in cash is “Morally Wrong”

No, Mr Gauke, taking our money by force of law without any say-so is morally wrong.  I know some of the libertarian bloggers would rather not pay tax at all, and do everything themselves, but I believe the majority accept basic infrastructure and services need collective financing. I (and I suspect the  majority) would be happy to pay a reasonable amount SO LONG as it wasn’t frittered away on the EU, overseas aid to countries who say they don’t want it, and an army of welfare claimants who have no intention of supporting themselves – to say nothing of  the odd war or  two…

Can you think of any other walk of life where you have no choice but to pay up, and don’t have any say in the matter? There is talk of the taxpayer being shown more details of how his or her money is spent, but this will not give them any choice in the matter, just a statement afterwards.

When, and only when, we have the ability to decide how our money is spent, and how much of it is used, will I consider paying cash to be a bit suspect. It is also reported that as much as $21 trillion (or even more) has been hidden from the taxman by a worldwide  elite of  “super rich”. I have mixed thoughts on this – good luck to them for keeping it away from the government, but they will never be able to spend it all, and it does mean that the rest of us have to foot more than our fair share. There is also the aspect that many of these people are influencing world events through organisations like the Bilderbergers.

Mr Gauke said:

Where arrangements are artificial, where they are contrived, and designed for the purpose of reducing National Insurance contributions for the employer or the employee, then those artificial arrangements are such that they do constitute tax avoidance. Tax avoidance is tax avoidance.

Interesting that his wife is a specialist tax lawyer – thanks to Richard North for spotting that little gem! I trust Mr Gauke will be leaning on the Beeb to change the way their “top” people are paid…


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  1. ‘Immoral’ is over claiming on your expenses inorder to keep your ducklings in a style to which most of us could happily become accustomed. Immoral is expecting Joe Public to foot the bill for your moat dredging when most of us are dreading the next fuel bill.

    Paying people in cash isn’t immoral, it’s simply politeness. Bank charges for small businesses are what verge on the immoral not the use of coin of the realm and legal tender.

    No doubt Andrew ‘ “Endlösung der Raucherfrage” Lansley will be on the mike proclaiming that Xborder shopping is IMMORAL and A SIN. soon.

    Well fuck him and the 2nd-Home-In-Surrey he rode in on. Immoral is charging such obscene amounts of duty on a legal product that OAPS and Veterans have to decide whether to smoke, heat their hovel or live off dog food this coming winter.


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  2. Morally wrong? Mr Gauke-Cunt obviously needs a bit of education MD (along with all the other thieving bastards in Westsphincter).

    Lying about where you really live – that’s immoral
    Furnishing bogus ‘homes’ using taxpayers’ money -that’s immoral
    Using OUR BLOODY MONEY for your private domestic purchases – that’s immoral
    Claiming expenses for things you are not entitled to – immoral
    Evading tax – the small matter of dodging over £10k in tax over your second ‘home’ in London. Where is it you live? .. oh yes, Chorleywood, approx 25 miles away from Westminster. So you’re either fucking lazy, or a fucking shyster – immoral
    And then trying to cover up all this shit by telling us that to enquire into these activities is ‘unlawfully intrusive’.

    You are a Class 1 cunt, Mr. Gauke. But be of good cheer – you are even more of a cunt than Chris Huhne. I didn’t think that could be done, but you’ve managed it Gauky old son. Well done.

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    • As is usual these days, I have referred to Scriptures for my enlightenment. I open the Good Book at Chapter 7 of the Gospel according to Matthew .. Jesus is having a bit of a pop at the assembled throng .. been on the turps lunchtime you see, and was giving it both barrels:

      “Judge not, that ye be not judged .. you listening Son of Gauk? For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. For those of you having a bit of trouble at the back there, that means if you going to start slinging shit around, you’d better wear a thick coat. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? No Peter, I did not want you to poke his eye out with that bit of battening. Oh, look at the state of him for fucksake .. claret everywhere. Have you tried blinking, Gauk? Works for me ..
      Thou hypocrite, thou wanker, thou pustule upon the arse of Christendom – oh, do stop fucking moaning Gauk …”

      We shall leave them now and let the Troughers of SW1 have a bit of a ponder on the wise words of Matthew.

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      • Payment in cash – chance’d be a fine thing.

        There is quite a lot of work which needs doing round here, for which I will pay on invoice, in cash, or in kind if that’s what it takes to get the ruddy fixes done.

        So far I’ve had three people round solemnly doing things with tape measures and notebooks, but then they don’t bother to provide a quote, nor any start date, nor, for that matter, make any further contact such as whether modom is still interested.

        I figure that if you have to chase someone for a quote, they definitely don’t want the work.

        And what does the bible say about builders? It makes the blithe assumption that you can get one of them to build on sand. Ha! It would take a miracle to get them to build anywhere.

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    • Pretty spot on Caratacus.

      These people are living in an alternative reality, total hypocrites and beyond redemption.

      People are struggling, getting by thanks to the shift served by these wastes of space.

      $21 trillion squirrelled away by the uber-rich whose policies and lobbying caused the mess.

      Being moralised by a politician takes some beating.

      It can’t go on can it?

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  3. Cash Use Negates Tax Scams………….ask our millionaire government POND LIFE.

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  4. Cameron Underlines Need To Sacrifice

    His chums are getting some stick ref. phone hacking, Gauke may have been selected as the goat on a string in tiger country :-)

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  5. The Government and their TAX is a PARASITE.
    You work and get paid……. The Gov. taxes you.
    You save what’s left ….. The Gov. taxes you.
    You take your money and spend it on food…. The Gov. taxes you.
    Everywhere you turn you find the Government with it’s greedy hand in your pocket.
    You just might put up with a parasite if it was small but it’s now everywhere and controlling everything you do.
    Endless wars.
    Endless laws
    Endless ring-fenced pensions for the parasite class (politicians and government workers)
    Endless bank bail-outs.
    And they are trying to teach people morals?

    What ALL people have to wake-up to is that ALL tax is stealing. If you don’t volunteer it then it’s STEALING plain and simple.
    It doesn’t matter what someone or a group calls themselves. Government or Council it doesn’t matter. If they force you to give them money then it’s STEALING with FORCE. Some brain-dead moron is bound to say it’s Democracy.
    If I and my 10 mates vote to steal your money we can claim the power of “Democracy” because it’s 11 to 1 and we had a fair vote. If you then don’t give us your money we will beat the crap out of you just like any Government will.
    Governments and Central Banks already steal your money without the help of tax. They just print more and more of the stuff and steal it by devaluation.

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    • Yes, and there’s even more money printing by the warehouse-ful just about to start (*again*).
      These malignant cunts will never be happy until savers are *totally* wiped out.

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  6. Talking about morals are we beginning to work out what BARCLAYS and HSBC stand for:-


    High on
    Bennies and

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  7. It seems that becoming an MP is the only ‘responsible’ job that needs no qualifications whatsoever.

    Or ‘Common Sense’.

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  8. A fucking piss-taking parasite lecturing us on morals! Oh, the irony.

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  9. Enjoy this link page – it mentions how Peter Hain MP successfully claims heating oil on expenses while OAPs freeze.

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