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10:10 Again

10:10 Again

I was thinking of saying “10:10 till we do it again”, but the older ones amongst you might think that CB radio has made a sudden comeback!  No, I’m referring to that nasty little “Eco” campaign, which made quite a stir during the tail end of 2010. You know – the infamous 10:10 ‘exploding kids’ video. Our former bile spewer in chief Gotty, had lots to say about them, and I remember doing a bit behind the scenes.

Unfortunately they haven’t died a death, unlike the “deniers” they disagreed with, and I spotted a mention that they are having another publicity stunt tomorrow. It’s called #itshappening  and I couldn’t help thinking something else as soon as I saw the relevant page. Naturally I asked Max to wave his magic wand, and here is the result:

10:10 #itshappening carbon reduction scheme solar schools panels renewable energy children climate change poster resource image

click images to enlarge

10:10 #itshappening again low carbon reduction scheme world eco solar schools panels renewable energy scam exploding kids video brainwashed children climate

 There, that’s much better don’t you think?

Another project is called “Solar Schools” and I decided to look more closely.  The basic idea is, perhaps, rather better than most Carbon Reduction schemes as it involves schools raising the money to install solar panels themselves, and not go down the usual route of getting a grant. At least that means the rest of us don’t have to pay for the bloody things – but we still get shafted for the feed-in tariffs afterwards. EP Collier Primary School in Reading has recently extracted over £10 grand from parents and gullible local companies, and are now the proud owners (sic) of a 4KW array. This is shown for a few seconds in a promotional video and I immediately noticed that it appeared to be in the shade – not a very sensible place for something relying on the Sun’s rays! Thanks to the wonders of VLC media player here is a screenshot:

Incorrectly placed solar panels 10:10 solar schools project ep collier renewable energy fail funny photo

Google Earth gave me the view from above, and the panels appear to be where I’ve highlighted in red:

ep collier school 10:10 solar schools project incorrectly sited panel

Just to be sure I checked from the ground with Street View, and if you look at the distinctive roof  and reverse it, I think you’ll agree I’m right:

EP Collier School 10:10 schools solar project unsuitable panel location

This smacks of a very poor installation – the ideal orientation is facing directly South (to the bottom of the middle picture), and clear of obstructions – so it fails on both counts. The panels won’t see the sun until it has risen clear of the opposite roof, and by the time it as reached it highest point in the sky the light will already be striking the panels at an angle, further reducing their output. By about 2PM they will be in the shade once more. I reckon 4-5 hours clear would be the best that can be expected, and worse in winter when daylight hours are shorter.

Clearly this spot was chosen for ease of mounting – no special access equipment required – but at the expense of efficiency. The film clip also shows the kids pointing at a real time monitor which was indicating 630 watts, or about 16% of theoretical maximum. If I was trying to push the benefits of such a system I would choose a better time to do it… This leads me to the small matter of  “Load Factor”, which is the proportion of actual versus maximum output over a period of time. Anyone familiar with the British weather knows how few really bright sunny days make up a typical year, and when that’s further diminished by poorly sited panels it should be no surprise that some installations are in the single figure range!

I looked at the Renewable Energy Foundation website and searched for Solar installations in the UK. This link may not work, so I took a partial screen shot in case. It shows a few schools with truly appalling figures – the 4th column is installed power (KW) and the last 2 are rolling & annual load factors.

Schools with Solar Panels Output readings 10:10 #itshappening renewable energy con fail photo

Just consider that 3 of those schools have spent probably 15+ grand for a year round output equivalent to a soon-to-be banned 60 watt bulb!!! What a great way to teach our future leaders about sustainability…

Unfortunately EP Collier isn’t listed here, being quite a recent installation, and very few non-commercial solar panels are metered by the grid anyway, but I’ll keep an eye on it.  No doubt the poor brainwashed children will believe that they are “saving the planet”, a polar bear or something, yet I’ll bet the real economics are never explained. Nor will the environmental desecration involved (most of it in China) in making these panels be given a mention.  They will also be in for a shock in the next few years when the lights start going out. Now that the industry regulator has gone public on the implications of EU directives mandating closing down of large combustion plants, this can no longer be dismissed as “denier scaremongering”.

What will 10:10 have to say then?


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  1. Well spotted MD. “….and I immediately noticed that it appeared to be in the shade “. In that 1st screengrab, it is in the shade.

    If the UK had to depend upon Solar & Windmills, they’d be “Real signs of a darker future”

    But then Max’s readers knew that anyway.

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  2. For a start what do they mean by a 4kW array? It would appear that someone is taking them for a ride.

    Down here in the sunny south of France I have friends that have a solar instillation curtsy of EDF because, even with the massive battery bank – think 24 single cell batteries standing 1.2m high and being 30cm square – plus 48 PV panels each rated at max output of 1kW and 2 3kW inverters, it was less expensive than running cables to the place. The panels were sited in an ideal position facing south and at an optimum angle for giving maximum output in winter.

    The whole install was supposed to give at least 5 days autonomy – it never has. The day the lights went out was the day I got a call asking what they could do. They met me in town at the largest building equipment suppliers where I introduced them to a 6kW diesel generator.

    Now with the generator hooked into the inverters – there was auto start and changeover with charging on low battery – their charges by EDF are almost balanced by what EDF has to pay them for having to use the generator.

    Now 7 years on they still recon buying the generator was the best thing the did and solar is nor all it’s cracked up to be – even where there is a lot more sun than the UK.

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    • Which neck of the woods are you in……….. I’m in Antibes.

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      • I’m in the P.O. but the installation was in Region 11.

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    • ivan – didn’t you post this over at Bishop Hill a while back? It looks familiar. If you are a regular there you may have noticed that he’s just linked to this, thanks to Max’s efforts in the comments to another post.

      Fame at last!

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  3. Power cuts would be a totally unnecessary self inflicted wound brought about by the global warming lie and a puppet government subservient to the eu . Personally I doubt it will come to that because if the sheep can’t get their fix of corrie or cook their supper they may start to get restless , might even wake from their stupor and begin to look for someone on which to attach the blame . More likely its just a frightener to justify the hockey stick rise in future energy costs .
    Happy thought for all those smug fuckers with the pv installations , if the power goes off they will be in the same boat as the rest of us . A safety feature in the control box senses when the grid power goes off and shuts off the output from the pv panels no matter how much the sun is shining , ha ha ha .
    10 out of 10 to Sherlock Farquar in spotting that shadow but who are those two pink bastards walking across the roof .

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  4. Saving the planet is so yesterday.

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  5. Fuck the planet. I’m belching carbon until the day I die – which according to these fuckers is not so long now…

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  6. Have you shared the new website with them yet Max?

    I came across this anti-smoking vid which is in a similar vein to the 10-10 thing (or maybe just a spoof). It’s only 40 seconds and the end is quite funny

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  7. H/T Bishop Hill for link over here.

    Just a though for you on the solar cells, a solar cell does not switch staright on when the sun hits it but has to build a charge up over the whole cell before it probuces energy so with that placement it really looks like the installers didn’t have a clue. It will be intresting to see if it reaches say the massie 5%-10% of total load factor like a lot of the other installations, they should be able to run a small corridor of 60 watt light bulbs for a few hours a week at least.

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    • I should have mentioned that aspect. A panel is made up of many individual cells, connected in series (like a car battery). Unless ALL of them are working the output will be minimal. I have practical experience of this, and know that a well aimed bird crap will make a considerable difference! Compound that with the design and layout of the panels in a complete installation, and it’s quite possible that this one would not produce any useful electricity until mid morning.

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      • How solar cells work in 5 lines:

        They are sheets of semiconductor material.
        Semiconductors work owing to the material and a gap between them.
        Only a particular wavelength of light creates enough excitement for a tiny current flow
        This means most light hitting the cell/panel is ineffectual.

        So what does this mean?
        The types of cell/panel used by NASA are about 20% efficient, the average type that you and I buy is about 5% efficient.
        Now coat it with bird shit and weather…..


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  8. How about writing to the head presenting the facts, and asking for them to be shown/taught to the children. It would be interesting to see the response, which will no doubt cite the consensus and the rest of the greewash claptrap.

    There was a case recently highlighted by Christopher Booker (D/T) of a bright student that argued against the green mantra in an A level paper, where he had to comment on some climate change related material. For a boy who otherwise got straight As and A*s, he got an E for this exam. Just goes to show how brainwashed our children are becoming – yet’s it’s illegal to do political advocacy/belief in the classroom!

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    • I hope that mark got challenged!

      The lad has actually shown something more valuable, the ability to think for himself, take a position and argue the point. Leadership material. (Assuming it wasn’t a crap answer.)

      1984 style propaganda, that is quite shocking and shows how perverse the agenda-driven education has become.

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      • It was challenged and his ‘E’ grade confirmed, with luck he will become a cause celebre and all the better for it.

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  9. Chemtrail Use Negates The Sunshine.

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