Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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BBC Reporting Bias Denied

BBC Reporting Bias Denied

Further claims of BBC reporting bias have been made today after a leaked map has revealed the location of their new Middle East BBC News Headquarters. When asked if it confirmed the BBC reporting bias towards Gaza, over Israel, during the current conflict a Hamas BBC spokesman said “That’s just blatant propaganda being broadcast by the IBA. It’s a disgrace! You wouldn’t catch us telling lies like that.”

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  1. Yeah right, all those palestinian firsters, nick robinson,gavin esler,lustig,rantzen,boaden(remember WTC7)dykes, working in the Beeb are all dual Palestinian passport holders. That why they call us dumbass goyim !

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  2. I beg to differ, Max, old boy. On those rare, irritating-beyond-belief occasions when I’ve flicked through the channels and found myself on a BBC “news” broadcast, there appears to be a noticeable pro-Izrael bias. They constantly attempt to put across the erroneous idea that both sides are evenly matched and that Izrael is simply defending itself against Hamas aggression. If you want to get to the truth, you won’t find it on the Beeb (how surprising). Turn to RT and you’ll get far better balanced reportage, complete with gory footage of all the dead and burnt Palestinian children that the Beeb curiously overlook. The BBC is either too polite to upset Izrael at best, or complicit apologists for the murdering cunts at worst. I’ll leave you to work out which. ;-)

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  3. All three lie . If some space alien death star was going to take out the whole middle east and I could stop it happening just by raising my little finger , I would look the other way and let it happen .

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  4. Why the World concentrates on this small area is beyond me so I try not to pay too much attention.

    However for the sake of information i think this site might give a considered view of what is going on at the moment:


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  5. Just to be totally unbiased here is the alternative view !!


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