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Strictly Come Dancing Results Spoiler

Strictly Come Dancing Results Spoiler

I don’t know how many readers of Max Farquar actually watch Strictly Come Dancing. I don’t. Lady F does … and I do rather enjoy blurting out the Strictly Come Dancing results spoiler before she has a chance to watch the fake live Sunday Night results show. The BBC record the SCD results show on a Saturday night just as soon as the voting lines close.

Ok. So it doesn’t earn me any brownie points but at least she banishes me to my man shed for the rest of the evening. Now that’s what I call a result. Bottle of wine. Wi-fi. 70s and 80s music or watching old episodes of The Sweeney … and such like. Marvellous! So … here I am in my man shed once again, after accidentally on purpose letting slip this weeks Strictly Come Dancing results spoiler :

Victoria Pendleton and Michael ‘syrup’ Vaughan were in the bottom two and had to compete for the title of this week’s ‘worse has-been celebrity dancer with two left feet’, in a dance off. “On yer bike!”, shouted the judges. So, Vicky jumped on her velo and peddled off into post Olympic oblivion.

Good grief!

That means we’ve got another hair raising instalment of Mr Wiggy’s waltz next week.

I can hardly wait.

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  1. Thank God, Pendleton should have gone weeks ago, She cannot dance for toffee and was easily the worst contestant week after week.

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    • Typical comment.Victoria is NOT a dancer thats why she was on the show.Van Outen is a stage and theatre performer with years of performance experience.She should go.Anyway Mr expert can you dance,are you a professional?Or are you just a sad Dick that needs to get a LIFE!!!! Saddo!

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  2. You say Denise is coming from a dancing background however this goes for the grinning Lisa and probably Danni. They all went to stage school so why are you so hard on Denise. If we hadn’t Denise to watch it would be a very poor show with Lisa getting over marked. The other girls get marked if they turn their heads slightly out of position and Lisa just walks around Robin and gets praised for pointing her toe. So in her case – she has the advantage over Denise because she doesn’t have to do the lifts.

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