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Max Clifford Website Down

Max Clifford Website Down

The website belonging to Max Clifford appears to be down, following his arrest by Met Police today, as part of the Jimmy Savile Operation Yewtree investigation. The PR man to the rich and famous is being questioned in relation to alleged ‘sexual offences’. There is speculation that information held by Max Clifford, about political and celebrity clients’ criminal paedophile activity, has been kept hidden away from both the police and the public.

Full story HERE.

Plus, interesting background info on Max Clifford HERE.

Meanwhile …

Max Clifford website down arrest Met Police Jimmy Savile Operation Yewtree investigation PR celebrity politician paedophile sexual offenses gary glitter

Sorry. I just couldn’t resist ;-)

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  1. Ah Max Clifford – a guy who’d sacrifice a B-Lister client to the News of the Screws, to protect the interest of a publicity-shy A-lister client, whereby earning two fees from one story.

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  2. Hope Clifford doesn’t go for any walks in the woods with a blunt penknife and a bottle of paracetamol in his pocket …

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  3. The website is back up, it was probably down due to many hits. You can now get back to other conspiracy theories.

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  4. His site is back up as I type this.

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  5. A couple of years in chalkie isn’t very frightening to a twenty year old but for a bloke pushing seventy time is a bit more precious , plus he must have plenty of cash put by , he won’t need to work any more . Tell all then retire into oblivion might be an appealing option for him .

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  6. Could not have happened to a nicer chap. Let’s hope that the CPSA don’t cave in to his threats to Tell All if he’s prosecuted; that would keep us in tittle-tattle for years.

    Haven’t heard much about the arrest of Stuart Hall (X-BBC sports commentator/comedy celeb) even though he was top story in this mornings online Telegraph. Has he been un-personed?

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  7. See the amount of files the police were pictured taking from his home? I bet they are returned with a few folders missing.

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  8. Where is inocent untill proven guilty,I have been in the same position and in a court of law found totally not guilty but scared for life where is the justice for the inocent men no security blanket.

    Women can make a false statements and hand it out like confeti if money is involved and your life is over the internet will kill you and you name for life so what is the point of living as your good name is about as good as a sack of shit and all that you have worked for is worth zero even though you are a good person.

    In the lords name think before you destroy someones life over a false accusation it will have a devistating effect that can never e reversed it is for life ,never get a job never socialize and live like a hermit.
    I know because I am that person and it sucks.
    God Bless

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