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Microdave’s Friday Funnies

Microdave’s Friday Funnies

End of the year edition

That’s right folks, we’ve had an end of the world Friday Funnies edition which didn’t come true, so anything is possible this time.

I would like to thank all of you who send in material and suggestions – sorry that I don’t always use them, but it’s the thought that counts! So to make amends here’s one which reminded me of Christmas Day, only in my case it was trying to assemble various toys for my rather spoilt young great-niece…

Ikea Job Interview Funnies

Realising that makes me sound old (and I certainly feel it), I’m glad this doesn’t apply to me:

Wrinkly Tattoo

Here we see Bucko’s missus looking rather apprehensively at his new gaff…

Bucko's Door Knocker Bollocks Funnies

If you have a strange taste in drinks…

Pregnant Drinks

…you won’t be needing to knock here, just PUSH!

Push! Funny

Once inside, and even if some mean bastard has pinched all the toilet paper…

Desperate Bog Paper Funnies

…don’t think about sneaking out the back door…

No Escape

There’s probably an angry goose hiding round the corner, anyway.

Now here is one place that would be ideal for a maternity unit:

Vagina Postcode Funny

Talking about the female anatomy, what does this remind you of?

Illusion Fanny

As I’m feeling generous you’re going to get more than usual this time. So in a complete change of subject we move to cars, and the Top Gear team. They entered a BMW in a race, but due to those wonderful people at the Beeb, weren’t allowed to seek sponsorship from any genuine companies. Being resourceful chaps they invented some fictitious ones:

Peniston Oils

Seems OK, and sounds like a small US company. They put something rather more tasty on the other side:

Top Gear 2 Larsen Biscuits

Still seems legit – what could possibly go wrong?



Top Gear 3 Arse Biscuit Penis Funnies

Meanwhile, poor old Captain Slow was trying to be a good PR man in the pits, but Clarkson just had to spoil things:

Clarkson Photobomb Captain Slow

He was probably a bit pissed that BBC cutbacks had forced him to travel rather more slowly than usual:

Clarkson Microcar

By now you’re doubtless wondering what’s happened to the legendary smut – fear ye not,  I haven’t forgotten! Here’s film star Scarlett Johansson working out:

Scarlett Johansson Workout

There seems to be something tucked in her bra – what could it be?

Scarlett Johansson Boobie Bear Funnies

I wonder if she can be persuaded to do this?

Give Us A Flash Boobs

Right, after that lot I need to be heading home – but I don’t think I’ll be using public transport…

Masturbate Bus Funnies

See ya next year!










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  1. The push, push PUSH gets my vote. You have a good one over New Year too.

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  2. A fine selection with which to end the year, MD, many thanks.

    I particularly liked both those which showed knockers.

    Have a great 2013.

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  3. A super funny collection to close out the year with Microdave! I hope you, Max, and all your wonderful readers have a fun Holiday weekend, and the Best New Year in 2013. I’m hanging in there, some days worse than others, but any day that I can smile is a good day….thanks for the laffs! ;-)

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  4. She’s a bit of alright, my Mrs.

    Have a good new year!

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    • I quite fancy your Mrs as well Mr Bucko. Can I have her phone number?

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  5. Well done Dave. An excellent end of the year compilation, liked the first one, hope your young relative
    enjoyed her present.

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  6. Well done, Dave. Quality submissions tastefully set before us – as always.
    I’m certain that our esteemed patron, Lord Farquar, will be (quite rightly) delighted with the fruits of your labour.

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  7. I like the bare tits or is it bear tits?

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  8. Thank you Dave for giving us all a weekly dose of insanity which we all need so much, of course. Friday just would not be the same without it. Also as I work shifts, it also reminds me of what day it actually is.

    Have a great New Year everyone. (Particularly as we desperately need all the help we can get in this Country)

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    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)
  9. Thanks MD ;-)

    Keep ’em coming in 2013 .. I rather suspect that they will be needed.

    All the best to everyone for the year we were told we weren’t going to have (Mayan Appreciation Department) – and here’s a quick toast to Cameron, Milipede and the rest of the tossers: “May your earholes turn to arseholes and shit upon your new shirt collars”. I would pay good money to watch that happen :-)

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