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Strictly Come Dancing Results Spoiler

Strictly Come Dancing Results Spoiler

I was in two minds whether to post the Strictly Come Dancing results spoiler this week … or not. I’m easily bored you see. I hate predictability. I’m bored with a programme that I don’t even watch. I hate how predictable all the SCD devotees are on a Saturday night. Desperate to find out the results before the Saturday night recording of the results show is broadcast by the BBC on Sunday night.

However, you have Lady F to thank. She threatened me with ‘no Sunday roast for you’ if I didn’t let everyone know what the results were. So, here is the Strictly Come Dancing results spoiler for December 1st 2012 :

Michael ‘syrup of fig’ Vaughan and Nicky ‘Irish boy band’ Byrne ended up in the bottom two. They danced off in the … err … dance off and it was Wiggy Vaughan that was left wondering if it was his dodgy Irish jig that had let him down so badly.

Can’t promise a spoiler next week because Lady F is away for the weekend and I’ll be popping down to the ‘Bonneville And Butt Plug’ for my Sunday roast … and a bottle or two of vin rouge. Obviously ;-)

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