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Strictly Come Dancing Results Spoiler

Strictly Come Dancing Results Spoiler

Welcome to the last Strictly Come Dancing results spoiler of 2012. I can hardly contain my excitement. It’s semi final week, according to Lady F, but as far as I’m concerned how can five of anything constitute a semi final. Z list celebrity dancers looking to revive their flagging career … or otherwise. Anyway the SCD Final can’t come son enough for me. No more Tess ‘airhead’ Daly and no more Bruce ‘can’t see the autocue to read out my lame jokes’ Forsyth. Now THAT IS a result.

So it’s all been high kicking it off this week apparently which basically means Twitter and SCD Forums have been imploding on themselves. Trying to work out the fact from the rumour in an effort to discover who has been eliminated from next week’s Final …. before the pre-recorded Strictly Come Dancing Results Show is broadcast by the BBC on Sunday night.

Strictly Come Dancing results spoiler for 15th December 2012 :

Denise Van Outen and Lisa Riley were in the bottom two and had to compete in a dance off for the title …. ‘best of the worst celebrity dancer to scrape through to the Final’.  Lisa was left crying all the way to Greggs, to pick up a bag of her favoureite doughnuts and Denise Van ‘stage school’ Outen scraped through to the Final.

Well, I’m sure I shall sleep better tonight for knowing that. Not.

Roll on next week’s Final when four has-been celebs that I’ve never heard of … Dani Harmer, Denise Van Outen, Louis Smith and Kimberley Walsh … take to the dance floor and compete for the Strictly Come Dancing Trophy … then I can get back to more important things.

Like cutting my toenails.

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  1. does anyone know what’s happened to

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    • Yes. Have spoken to DV and they are having a problem renewing the domain name registration. I guess they’ll be back as soon as it’s sorted ;-)

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  2. I don’t know how you can class Kimberly Walsh, Denise Van Outen and Louis Smith as has-beens! Louis Smith has just arrived on the scene after winning two medals at the Olympics. Denise Van Outen is always around on TV and in Musicals. Same with Kimberly she has never been out of the public eye even with the break from Girls Aloud! Do a bit of research before you tar all the contestants on Strictly as has-beens!

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    • I agree. To be a “has been” you have to have been notable for something at some point in your life. The only one of these cunts I’ve ever even vaguely heard of is Louise Van Outen, but I still couldn’t tell you what the fuck she does for a living. It would be more accurate to class these wasters as “never was-beens” in my humble opinion.

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      • Would normally agree with you there Wiggy .. but I did recognise Colin Salmon from the movie “Clubbed”. This is a film about nightclub doormen written by Geoff Thompson – one of the clearest thinking martial artists (and ex-doormen himself) in Britain today.

        Just saying, like .. ;-)

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        • Colin Salmon??? No mention anywhere in this item about the chap, Mr. C! You may safely infer from that, that he was not – and could not – have been included in my remarks!!

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          • Quite right Wiggy – I plead an excess of Glenmorangie Chardonnay in the certain knowledge that this is no excuse whatsoever ;-)

            But he did figure in the earlier recordings of SCD. The dear lady Memsahib brought this to my attention as I tripped back from an evening in the summerhouse (sole company: faithful hound, bottle of refreshment and a recording of David Oistrakh playing the fiddle), knowing that the sight of Mr. S prancing about the dancefloor would take me aback. She can be devilish cruel at times …

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  3. “to max farquar” ( maybe i love myself) …if it wasn`t for these `unknown celebs`, you wouldn`t have a job……think yourself lucky

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