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Whose Government Is Paying?

Whose Government Is Paying?

This is a guest post from a contributor.

For many years prior to Oct 2011, “Travellers” illegally occupied a site [an oxymoron - surely?] on the outskirts of Basildon. After a short siege, Eviction Notices obtained at huge legal costs to Taxpayers & Ratepayers were finally executed. In the ensuing mayhem 23 people, many of them external ‘Rent-a-Mob agitators, were arrested. The total cost of clearing the site was about £8million. Many travellers who were evicted from Dale Farm have moved only a few yards down the road, where they continue to live illegally. Today, the Beeb reports that ”The Irish Traveller Movement in Britain (ITMB) has been given the go-ahead for a 15-pitch site in Gardiner’s Way, Basildon, by the town’s council.”
Irish Traveller Movement
Apparently “a spokesman added it was applying for a £1m government grant to build the new site.” What the Beeb didn’t report is whose Government has been approached for the grant? Many local, legal, residents hope it will not be the British Government paying for the facilities The Irish Traveller Movement in Britain intend to build. The grant works out nearly £67,000 per pitch. Presumably, Travellers with a record of illegal occupation of any site, will be barred from enjoying the facilities of the new site….

I would add that it looks like our contributor, and the residents of Basildon, could be out of luck…

Michael  Hargreaves, The Planning  and  Policy Officer of the ITMB  says:

This  was  the  right decision. It’s an attractive, well designed scheme  and  an  ideal site. It is on vacant, previously developed land,  not in the green belt, and near local services, including the Crays Hill School that many Traveller children attend, and also to the authorized Oak Lane site. We look forward to Basildon Council supporting our bid to the Homes and Communities Agency for the funds to build it.



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  1. Best and most cost-effective solution is to fuck ‘em all off back to Ireland, I reckon. I’ll bet none of them have visas to be here anyway.
    Afterthought… have the planners ensured that the new site is within easy reach of the nearest Benefit Office? Seems to be the dominant criterion in these cases….

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    • As usual “Wiggy” you have it spot on. But would it be an idea to include Muslims in your “Fuck em all off Policy”? You’ve got my Vote anyway.
      The end result would be Full employment for indigenous folk, and no need to build any more Houses for immigrants. We could have our Country back and tell the EU to also Fuck Off.

      It lightens my heart just to imagine this Utopia. But alas, I know only too well it will not happen.

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  2. Don’t matter what you provide , come back n a couple of years and it will be an abused shit heap.

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  3. The Irish Goverment fucked them off out of Ireland (there didn’t seem to be any EU objections at the time). Our wishy-washy officials bend over backwards to accommodate them at a cost to the British Tax and Council Tax payer…..

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  4. I admit it’s been a long time since I was in England but from the looks of this report, it’s no longer legal to gas the thieving fucking scum like badgers?


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