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What Andy Burnham Has For Breakfast

What Andy Burnham Has For Breakfast

I see that Andy Burnham MP, Shadow Secretary for Health mascara and eyeliner, has decided that some breakfast cereals should be banned. Sugar Puffs and Frosties, for example, contain too much salt, fat and sugar. The main cause of obesity in children. Apparently.

Well, that’s easy for him to say. Take a look at what Andy Burnham has for breakfast. In the House of Commons. Subsidised by the you and me. The taxpayer.

What Does Andy Burnham Have For Breakfast - House of Commons Food Price List subsidised meals tariff tax payers HoC obesity children health salt fat sugar

I dare say if we had access to a full English breakfast, cooked for us by someone else, at a ridiculously cheap price then we would probably give the breakfast cereal a miss.

Yet another example of how we’re all in this together. Not.

First they came for the smokers.
Despite the fact that MPs are still allowed to smoke in the Palace of Westminster.

Then they came for the drinkers.
Despite the fact that MPs enjoy a cheap Bar Tariff at our expense.

Now they want to tell us what to eat for breakfast!

Oh do fuck off!

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  1. What’s this? The price list from fucking 1972?? Thieving cunts…

    As for Sugar Puffs and Frosties, were they not as popular (or more so) half a century ago as they are now? So how can they be to blame for today’s lard-arsed kids?

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  2. But he’s a politician, Max.

    Lesson #1 on becoming an MP is to dictate to his electorate:- “Don’t do as I do, do as I say”.

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  3. Diane Abbot, Eric Pickles, John Prescott, Ken Clarke, Alec Shelbrooke, Gordon Brown, Gordon McRuin, Oliver Letwin, Keith Vaz, Nicholas Soames, Jacqui Smith … all of these must stop eating Frosties immediately .. the Fat Troughing Bastards. Even Michael Gove looks as though he hasn’t been a stranger to the biscuit barrel of late.

    There is much to be said for the encouragement of healthier lifestyles; what Mrs. Burnham’s little boy fails to realise is that absolutely no-one will listen either to him or any of the other bloated fuckwits who infest the corridors of Westminster when it comes to this or any other matter of personal choice.

    “Fuck ’em all, Fuck ’em all,
    The long and the short and the tall,
    Fuck all the MPs and Lords one by one,
    Fuck all the Cabinet ’til their fucking gone,
    ‘Cause we’re saying goodbye to them all,
    As off to their mansions they crawl,
    They’ll win no elections without some defections,
    So cheer up my lads, Fuck ’em all”.

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    • Coo. I shall be singing that all week.

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  4. I recently wrote a program provisionally entitled “Tourettes Anagram-O-Matic”. I type in “ANDY BURNHAM” which results in: “FUCKING WANKER BASTARD!”

    Works perfectly.

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  5. Expanded version here.
    Read some of the comments. Frightening!

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  6. But what made it even worse was that kunt Hunt agreed to look into it for feck sakes!
    Are Andy & Jeremy sharing the same tub of Vaseline?

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  7. How’s his waistline?

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  8. So…..the cretinous morons (otherwise known as the ruling class) will continue in the same hypocritical way as they did last year and the year before etc etc. OMG.. they are so fucking predictable and sooo boring?
    I cannot imagine why less than 25% of the population bother voting for these parasites. And still they have learnt nothing.
    What pathetic, self opinionated and arrogant little shits they all are? It really is about time they were taught a lesson, and I hope it will happen sooner rather than later. But happen it MUST !!

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  9. Has sit ever occurred to the effeminate little twat that adults might actually like Sugar Puffs & Frosties??? I’m quite capable of making my own decisions about what sugars I consume, and anyway, when the next bastard Liebor government do ban them I’ll just have to go back to sprinkling it on my Cornflakes separately…

    In unrelated news I see that Sharon Shoesmith is claiming to be: “On benefits and unemployable”

    Ha, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha…….

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  10. Christ! Why don’t they just give it away and dispense with the tills and associated bean-counters? It wouldn’t cost any more…

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  11. I bet that’s all organically grown food as well (probably from Tarquin and other friends farms). They sure as shit won’t be eating the same poisoned/GM’d muck us peasants are told/can only just afford to eat.

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