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Friday Funnies by Microdave

Friday Funnies by Microdave

I’m starting off with a quick plug today – the first item is from Witterings from Witney, who does a sterling job of uncovering the lies and deceit spouted by our politicians. He also doesn’t think much of the press, and you’ll see why in this screen shot:

Daily Star 08-01-2013 Spitfire crash jet Funnies

Hopefully most MF readers are old enough to know that a Spitfire is not jet powered – unlike many journos!

If you don’t already hate our government, a visit to his blog will give you even more ammo – just mind your language, he doesn’t allow the sort of obscenities that we do… In case you don’t already know, he and several other sleuths, have found ample evidence to show Camorons claim that we “Mustn’t leave the EU or we will end up like Norway” is complete bullshit. This needs as much publicity as possible.


I never really enjoyed sports at school – it wasn’t like this, unfortunately:

The same goes for tennis…


Now a word from on high:

God's-favorite-word-is-come Funnies

That’s probably not surprising…

when-you-are-in-him Funnies

Even his boy is at it…

Jesus Loves Funnies

Now a few examples of warning signs being obeyed:

Handstand Funnies

No Dogs Funnies

Taste It Funnies

Bad Parking Funnies

This sort of fits in the same category:

Hand Rolled Cigars Funnies

I’m sure Bucko (and others) will like that!

A couple of doggy items:

Old Dog Funnies

Sex Offender Funnies

And to finish off, a hilarious 4 minute clip from Sweden. I have been known to risk life and limb aboard an “Old Grey Fergie”, but it didn’t have a sodding great turbocharged engine like this one:

Enjoy the weekend.





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  1. Loving that tractor MD :-) I was taught on an old Fordson Major (lever start, left hand side) but my favourite by far was the Fergie 35 – what a sweet little motor that thing had. Over the years I’ve done daft things like fitting a Rover V8 into a Moggie Minor, and attempted (+failed) to put a Ford V6 into an MGB .. but I’ve never seen anything like that mad Swede. Absolutely brilliant.

    Talking about mild engine tuning, here is a typical Brit example of getting something absolutely right:

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    • That Tri2ton is a nicely-engineered set of wheels.

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      • Like at least one commenter, I wondered about the other side, and the drive train. It mentioned using belts, which makes me think it won’t look quite so good…

        I don’t fancy his luck trying to keep 4 individual carbs balanced, either – it was a weekly job dealing with just 2 of them when father and myself rode BMW’s!

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      • Indeed! It’s perhaps worth remembering the titanic struggle that riders’ rights groups like MAG and others had back in the 1970s against the individuality-hating Stalinist euro-parasites whose plans for type-approval would have rendered wonderful creations like these essentially illegal by virtue of their insistence that builders provide unlimited models for destruction testing. Parasites and morons. Their ignorance and intransigence remains as strong today as it was 40 years ago. No wonder EU-rope is totally fucked. What on earth are we doing still signed up to this bunch of control freak freedom-haters??

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  2. Fuck me Mr M, I can’t remember the school rugby matches being so much fun. If my team mates looked like that I would have turned up for practice more often. Shame they didn’t show the after match shower.

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  3. Strange how that tractor draws us away from more important things.

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    • James, could it just be that the tractor represents the important things?

      I’d rather look at things like that than watch Ed Balls wanking himself silly at PMQs …

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      • It represents having fun, and sticking up a big fat 2 fingered salute to authority – something Bollocks and the rest of his mates wouldn’t like…

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        • “The only difference between men and boys is the size and the price of their toys.” And I reckon that’s just how it should be. :)

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