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Jim Davidson Arrested By Jimmy Savile Detectives

Jim Davidson Arrested By Jimmy Savile Detectives

Latest Operation Yewtree News : Jim Davidson arrested on suspicion of sexual offences. He was taken into custody by detectives probing the Jimmy Savile paedophile scandal. All a bit inconvenient really, for the has-been comedian. He was due to appear on Celebrity Big Brother. In an effort to boost a flagging career. One assumes. Along with the other bunch of z list celebrities. No doubt.

Davidson is one of Britain’s most well-known comedians ….

It says HERE.

Well, that’s a matter of opinion.

The comedian has kept a lower profile in recent years …

It says HERE.

You don’t say.

Jim Davidson Arrested By Jimmy Savile Detectives - Sexual Offences operation yewtree police custody hampshire home comedian celebrity big brother suspicion

No news yet on the identity of the 53-year-old man who was also arrested today. Although it’s safe to say that it’s not Ken Clarke. Despite being reported to Operation Yewtree detectives last month … as he’s 72-years-old.

Oh well.

Early days yet.


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  1. Apparently, two women have made allegations in respect of Jim Davidson that date back more than twenty-five years. They were in their mid 20s when the awful events unfolded …

    It seems to me that this has bugger all to do with paedophilia, and more to do with throwing up a smokescreen to protect the great and the good who may be guilty of far worse crimes than getting your leg over a couple of willing giggly girls. Not saying he was a saint .. I’m certain he would be the first to admit that (some of his best routines describe his exploits in graphic detail) and he would have had plenty of choice of willing partners. But if this is all they can throw at him, and he’s innocent of the main implication that he was a paedophile, then it says more about his accusers than him.

    The PTB are running scared and are throwing shit at easy targets .. I’m looking forward to some of that shit landing on senior politicians and perhaps even into the aristocratic chinless society. Until then, I remain entirely unmoved by this bollocks.

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    • Fully agree, old chap. Seems the old bill are simply engaged in an attempt to ‘appear willing’ by pulling in a few easy targets on the periphery of nothing in particular. Absolutely no sign of the real big fish evil-doers being pursued. No wonder people despair and are driven into taking the law into their own hands when nothing, as always it seems, ever gets done.

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  2. My wife and I were staying at the Sandy Lane Hotel in Barbados when he tried to gate-crash the swimming pool dressed in his tasteful Union Jack shorts surrounded by his little entourage. He acted and seemed a miserable sod. This is to show what a name-dropping bastard I am. So as Caratacus rightly says it’s a smokescreen.

    Anyway the point is that it’s strikes me that every little bit of “on the make totty” will be clamouring to get their tits centre fold by naming and blaming anyone the resembles a “personality”. If they’re pushing on a bit then a little brown envelope from a tabloid would come in handy.

    If the reason for arrest is two birds mid twenties complaining about “sexual offences” what ever that means I’m glad i’m not a celebrity. Most of the male population would have been”banged-up” weeks ago.

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  3. The police were caught out when the full extent of Jimmy Savile’s paedophilic crimes entered the public domain. So what seems to have happened is that, in an attempt to assuage the moral panic, they have pounced on a several men who were in show business in the 1970s and 1980s, using what looks like very weak evidence.

    Pretty disgusting really, but it’s just politics.

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