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Our Story In 2 Minutes

Our Story In 2 Minutes

This video is absolutely incredible. Compiled by a high school student, as part of his final project, ‘Our Story In 2 Minutes’ is powerful stuff. Maybe you have seen it before but if you haven’t you’ll need to watch it several times to take in all the images.

Our Story In 2 Minutes Video - History Of The World - Notre Histoire drivinman687 politics war religion destruction invention medicine industrial dna space

Not everyone will agree with all the content [it’s a tad biased towards America for instance] and some may be disappointed that certain things have been omitted. Even so, it really is a brilliant piece of work. One which certainly makes you stop and think …

Tip of the hat to Cheerful Soul for the heads up ;-)
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  1. A view of the world from the perspective of a brainwashed cunt.

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  2. Well that was a nice find/posting for the start of the New Year. Thanks Max.

    What a contrast to the leisurely viewings of the regular MDFFs

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  3. As a filmaaker of note, do the kinder not know moving film has been invented?

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  4. Not impressed. He seems to have omitted Michael Carr’s historic victory in the Ribble Valley by-election of 1991. ;)

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  5. Guinness did it better.

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  6. Whether you agree with his politics or not there’s no denying his talent. Personally, I found it very moving. Thanks, Max.

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