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Alternative To Pub Sky Sports TV

Alternative To Pub Sky Sports TV

Hi Max

What do you see on pub TV these days?

Pub Sky Sports Football? The X Factor? Sky News? BBC News Channel? I’m a Celebrity Guess My Name? Britons Gone Tragic? Celebrity What’s Their Use? Fucked Up Boxing?

I even saw cage fighting for the first time the other day. It reminded me of The Illustrated Karma Sutra. But that’s another story. What I would like to see, up on the big TV screen in the pub, but have no idea how to implement is the latest entries from my favourite independent bloggers. Their latest and most popular blog posts … slowly scrolling upwards, for all to see.

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I suppose that a lot of blog posts would be impractical to show e.g. those containing pictures, videos and sound but there are plenty of superb text-only posts every day from a variety of sources. Also, in some cases, there might be legal issues for the pub landlord. Some of your readers seem to have access to technical talent. That’s why I’m approaching you first.

Do you think it’s worthwhile doing?

Is it even doable?


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  1. Now that, my friend, strikes me as genius.

    Perhaps a Libertarian-themed pub, with a hall of fame for the most celebrated bloggers as well as a gallery of photo-shopped images of our most hated politicians in various guises involving piano wire and lamp posts?


    Farkhem Hall…!

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  2. Dear Hangemall, while you have attention regarding your excellent idea, could I suggest we have a Poll to determine whether TRAITOROUS Politico’s should hang or be shot (piano wire and meathooks reserved for worst offenders) answers direct to No. 10.

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  3. It sounds like an excellent idea, and I’m sure it’s do-able. However, as you’ve already suggested, legal issues would need looking into. These days it’s so easy to “offend” someone it might prove difficult to find posts that won’t fall foul of that aspect. I can’t see anything like it being delivered over satellite or freeview, so I figure it would require a dedicated internet feed, and or server. Whether the content could be added automatically, or would need human input and some moderation, is beyond my capabilities. Of course if it proved popular TPTB would doubtless try and ban it…

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  4. First of all, thanks to Max for putting it up.

    Farkhem Hall, vis a vis the “gallery”, with what I have in mind it should be possible to “extract” Photoshopped images for printing and sticking to the wall. See my answer to Microdave for details.

    dragon, I’ve no idea how to have a poll on what I see as a “passive” (non-interactive) screen. Also, piano wire and meat hooks are reserved for the least bad offenders in my book. :-)

    Microdave, after further thought I think that the most practical way is a laptop/notebook computer manually loaded with the latest postings of the pub landlords’ favourite bloggers. This can then be plugged into a TV. To my limited knowledge of these things, it should be easy to extract images for printing and sticking on walls before they go up on the screen, if wanted.

    Further thoughts.
    If the bloggers find the problem intractable, how about approaching Mozilla/Opera/other browser providers?
    It’s important in my view that the pub landlord should be able to decide in advance what goes on the screen, to protect himself from persecution from chief constables who might be members of any treasonous organisations.

    That’s about all I can think of for now.


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