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Student Arrested For Burping

Student Arrested For Burping

Hi Max,

It has to be said that the current news about corrupt and deviant politicos et al seems to be bloody relentless of late, so , for a change, here’s an example of how America is clamping down on errant behaviour in the young … Student Arrested For Burping .

I’ve heard it said that Britain is only a year or two behind the USA in its stupidity so I fully expect to hear about some poor kid having his arse prosecuted following a particularly fruitful and melodic bout of flatulence.

Christ, at my old school, virtually all the boys in my class would have been hauled before the beak on that charge. Particularly John S who could fart at will and on a good day could imitate a bren gun emptying a full clip ;-)

“Wheel in the guilty party, Sarn’t Major”

“Essah. Efrye efrye efrye efrye. Halt. Efwheel. Tenshun.
Remove your hat in the presence of an hofficer yew orrid little boil”

“..Er .. very good Sarn’t Major. Now what’s the charge?”

“Burpin haudibly while on prade, Sah.
Wivout prior permission and wivout a signed chitty”.

“Gad. Appalling behaviour. Thirty shillings and thirty days ROP, you disgusting little man.
Take him away. Next”

Must get some practice in for my next encounter with HMG bureaucracy …


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  1. Hi Max

    I think you’re missing an opportunity to put your skills to work. There is so much great stuff on the internet regarding the Sandy Hook hoax. Boy what a hoax!

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    • Well, it seems prez Obama is going to sign 19 executive orders authorising firearm seizures, in an attempt to bypass the 2nd Amendment. This could be the spark!

      Possible outcomes:

      Congress impeaches his arse and the issue is defused.

      Gun owners render up their arms nice and peaceable, like.

      Civil war kicks off.

      Any armchair bookies hereabouts to quote odds?

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    • I’m still getting thousands of views a day on the Robbie Parker post I put up before Christmas. There’s definitely a huge amount of interest in this hoax so I’ll look into doing something else ;-) BTW, someone just left a comment on that post about the children ‘shot’ in Aurora …. many of the kids bodies were never returned to their families. The coffins, it seems, were buried empty! What the actual fuck!

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