Tuesday, September 15, 2015
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Friday Funnies by Microdave

Friday Funnies by Microdave

I see that edjurkayshun standards haven’t improved since last week:


The maths department isn’t much better…

Maths Funnies

Poor Capitalisation here, although I agree with the sentiment…


At least the grafitti artists have a better grasp of the English Language:

Timetable Funnies

This one is just a bad choice of words!

Epilepsy Walk Funnies

How would you deal with this situation?

Cheating Funnies

Of course we don’t know what the rest of the picture hides. And if you did take her up on the offer, could you be sure that ONLY her husband would be watching?

Sex Show Funnies

I wonder if this is the lady in question doing some warming up exercises?


Goodness only knows what has happened to the girl on the right in this picture…

What does she know ? Funnies

Now let’s have a spot of  Drag Racing:

Drag Racing Funnies

I think those old boilers have passed their sell by date – rather like this carton:

Sell By Date Funnies

Lastly, if you’re heading out for a drink, bear this in mind:

Beer Tankard

Enjoy the weekend, and if you want more utter bollocks you know where to go.


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  1. Another reason why the acronym TGIF was invented, thanks for this week’s selection, Dave.

    “Goodness only knows what has happened to the girl on the right in this picture…” ……She discovered it was a Ladyboy’s beauty contest??

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  2. School bus – like it.

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  3. “Your the best teacher ever” – one can only hope that whichever subject the indoctrinator in question is supposed to be teaching, it isn’t English.

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  4. Bit quiet around here lately innit? On that basis, checkout these two cunts:

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