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Friday Funnies by Microdave

Friday Funnies by Microdave

I featured some appalling spelling and maths last time, so this one has to start things off. The comments at the site where I found it either couldn’t believe it, or insisted it was a hoax. However one said he knew teachers at his local school who actually ARE that bad, so it’s anyone’s guess…

You're Teachers

I suppose with that level of intelligence the following outcome should be no surprise:

Toaster Funnies

Then you get numpties like this:


That car will probably get written off – I’m imagining the damage to the floor pan, exhaust, pipework etc. And we complain that insurance premiums keep going up…

Oh, here’s another example:

Parking Wall

It’s been raining quite a bit recently (or the snow has melted suddenly), so reports of flooding are commonplace. Some appear rather unnecessary:


Call that a flood? – Nah…. THIS IS A FLOOD!!!

Flood 2

Captain Haddock often used to regale us with stories of  “lavatorial” humour – I suspect this would make him chuckle:

Toilet Funnies

Let’s hope the perpetrator only laid it there by hand, and not from some other body part…

Cleaners usually wear gloves for protection – I wonder if the manufacturers of these really knew the other likely meaning?

In The Pink Funnies

I think our chum Vince above may be needing a darker variety…

After really plumbing the depths I think I should get back to slightly less unpleasant amusement. There’s a film called “A Bugs Life” – I’ve not watched it, but if the following picture is any indication, simple creatures are still capable of enjoying themselves!

A Bug's Life Funnies

Blowing bubbles is a pastime carried out by generations of children, but I doubt that many manage to perform this feat:

Blowing Bubbles Funnies

Hula Hoops are another age-old tradition…


Taking the dog for a walk is usually good exercise, but watch where you are going…

Time for some enjoyment down the pub…

Air Guitar

And if you get over enthusiastic these will come in handy:

Air Guitar Strings

Enjoy the weekend.




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  1. The “Bubble-Art” photo.

    Now that’s what you call a real BlowJob

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  2. The hula hoop was a bit differently placed than at mine. Also, it really is a bug’s life.

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  3. That girl blowing bubbles has astonishing breath control. I bet she would be a lot of fun at a party. My favourite was the hula hoop girl, sad old bastard that I am.

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  4. That first item is actually the 2013 GCSE Art & English combined examination paper, Dave.

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