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Michael Gove Mockery

Michael Gove Mockery

Plans to shelve Michael Gove GCSEs have been scrapped. In yet another embarrassing government u-turn Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education Plucking Half Baked Ideas Out Of Thin Air, has been forced to abandon plans for an English Baccalaureate Certificate (EBaccDown).

On reflection maybe the post title should have read ‘Michael Gove Is A Mockery’?

Either way … here is some.

Mockery, that is.

Not education.


Michael Gove embarrassing government u-turn Secretary of State for Education abandon plans GCSE English Baccalaureate Certificate EBacc dunce mockery funny image photo pic

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  1. This wanker always reminds me of Harry Enfield’s Tim Nicebutdim, although of course in his case Nastybutdim.

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  2. Why do Politicians always use education as a political football, by constantly moving the goal posts? However, when you think about it, something as high a priority as gay marriage, must take precedence over education, as any self respecting Labour, Liberal politician, and half the Tory Party know.

    I despair at this, and the last Government, not being able to decide on anything. The “ONLY” reason Cameroon have promised an EU Referendum is because he knows the Tories will not be in Power and the Referendum WILL NOT happen.

    Gove must be as stupid as he looks. One final point ! How can these idiots just change policy without as much as even being embarrassed. No one can possibly be that thick skinned. Can they ??

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    • I think you nailed it Mr Soul. Cheerful sausage that you are.

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  3. Keeping the current GCSE exams is a victory for thicko pupils and their lazy, lefty indoctrinators/teachers everywhere.

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  4. While accepting that something needs to be done, I tried to understand this chewbacca thing and found it incomprehensible. I’m not surprised the teachers were happy it was dumped; in this case they are right. It stank. What has he been doing the past two and a half years?

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  5. Crafty Underlying Narrative Teaching Subserviance.

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  6. Creepy Underhand Narrative Training Slaves.

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