Saturday, August 23, 2014
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Friday Funnies by Microdave

Friday Funnies by Microdave

I start Friday Funnies with a shock revelation – well known blogger Leg Iron is really a woman…

Leg Iron

Either that or he’s got a serious case of “Moobs”

Is that computer behaving itself?

Keyboard not found Funnies

I suppose it could be worse – someone changes your screensaver, then disables the keyboard:

Arse Screen Saver

Even the good old postal service isn’t immune from problems…

United States Postal Service

Time to call for “Todd”:

Huge Fuck Up Funnies

But can he also deal with huge ships?

Huge Ships book at Amazon

I’m having huge problems in the kitchen again – I had to take the slow cooker back to the store:

Cooks Slowly

Then a “Non Stick” Pan failed to live up to expectations…

Non Stick Pan

So I couldn’t make a tasty snack:

Porn & Beans Funnies

I had to resort to a cold meal instead…

Vag Sandwich

After that, I thought a fruit dessert would take the taste away – unfortunately, yet another fuck-up ensued:

Cock & Balls Strawberry

It’s no good – Judgement Day has arrived…

Judgement Day

And thanks to council cutbacks, the pavement nearby is in a very poor state, so this lady may soon be a contender for judging:


Enjoy the weekend.


P.S.  Someone (or something) upgraded the WordPress installation this week, and now images don’t show the URL or open separately when clicked. Our tech guru, The All Seeing Eye, is aware and investigating…

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  1. Another great selection Dave.

    RE: Your PS – I can confirm that whatever problem existed – it’s now fixed. Both images & the Gif opened in new tabs. [Well at least via Safari]

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    • Hi Dave.

      To avoid possible confusion, in OSX via Safari or Opera browsers, when I right-click, I’m offered the choices of opening the image or Gif in a new Tab, or, new Window. However, what I’m not offered on this page is Options relating to Links. So the issue partly remains.

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  2. Slow cooker. Cooks slowly.

    Like it.

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  3. Your hard work is always appreciated Dave, and may I confirm that unfortunately the contribution with the heading “Time to call for Todd”…… when you work in the Power Generation Game, is, if anything “Understated”. Safety and warning signs are everywhere, some necessary I agree, but most are Bonkers.

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  4. Yeah, Health and Safety can be a laff. I’m the health and safety officer for my lab. Not because I am particularly good at it, but because I’m the only daft sod willing to do it. I once set myself alight in a hood while ‘flame sterilising’ instruments with alcohol. Tis a bit like been a cruise ship doctor- one step away from a malpractice suit. Luckily for me, being the H&S rep is all about completing the copious amount of paperwork and sending it off to Tony in Occy Health. They don’t seem to care that we put pasties in the incubators to keep them warm or put the absolute ethanol in the punch at Chrissy time. Hic.

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  5. I want that hat.

    I will wrestle her for it.

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  6. Great stuff again, Dave. Most chortleworthy! :-)

    BTW, find much interesting reading on that ‘cigpapers’ site you’ve recently started linking to. Good find!

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