Thursday, July 31, 2014
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Friday Funnies by Microdave – Updated

Friday Funnies by Microdave – Updated

Here we go with Friday Funnies once more – I’m still having “tech” issues, so no promises what this is going to look like.

I think I’ve found the answer to my cooking difficulties:


Mr Ramsay is known for his temper (I’m no better), so it’s probably just as well I haven’t got married…

Wife Stabs Husband

What isn’t clear is HOW she managed to stab him with a small, furry creature!

More animals:

Curious Baby Elephant

Falling Deer Funnies

And while you’re looking upwards…

Holy Crap!

Building sites often use large, interlocking plastic chutes to assist with getting waste material into skips at ground level. They have other uses…

NotThoughtOut Funnies

I still have one of those interesting book titles left over from the other week:


Just don’t choose a “gifted” child who’s colour blind…

Fuck This

Speaking of “Odd” colours (and shapes):

Blue Circle

Now some newspaper clippings:


There’s a TV show Mr Scrivens might end up on – and plenty of US daytime shows for this anonymous chap

Harley for sale

To round things off, I wonder if “Grandad” might have completely lost it during his visit to a Dublin clinic recently, had he encountered this sign:

Irish Apology Funnies

Update – @ Dam Langden – here you go, some “Bags of fat wi’ valves on ‘em”

Action Girls Veronika Zemanova

Czech model Veronika Zemanova, if I’m not mistaken…   That’s two sorts of dangerous weapons – Caratacus is sure to approve of the latter!



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  1. Excellent selection yet again Dave – thank you. I particularly liked little Dumbo employing the scratch and sniff test before taking things further. It reminds me of my time in the services when such a procedure was recommended if not usually essential. Incidentally; this is the second week running where there are no bags of fat wi’ valves on ‘em. It’s not a complaint. Just that I’m a sucker for tits!

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    • I’m more of a ‘ct’ man myself, so my requirements in that regard rarely get met here. Dave’s obviously a tits ‘n’ bums man. ;-)

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  2. Dave; what can I say? Thank you for adding that last picky. Magnificent!

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  3. Well if this was put together in a hurry then I’d say do the same every week and save yourself some time. I’m still giving it 10 out of 10 for chortleworthiness. Can’t beat that unique MF combination of top quality humour and good taste. ;-)

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  4. The hoarding one made the coffee spill this time.

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