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Open Thread 03-03-2014

Open Thread 03-03-2014

This weeks Open Thread for general discussion.


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  1. As the regulars at Max Farquar like to be nobody’s fool when it comes to propaganda in the mainstream media here is something to counter the usual crap pumped out by our “free” press.


    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (former US Treasury official)

    “I would be worried about whether we can survive the incompetence and the stupidity of the arrogant and ignorant Obama regime. That’s what the world has to worry about at this moment.

    Look, whenever you are stupid enough to take a direct strategic threat to a powerful military armed with nuclear weapons, which is what Russia is, you don’t have any sense. And so we have the world being driven by a government that hasn’t got any sense — the United States government. You just don’t do that.

    Nobody in their right mind would take this kind of risk. So, how does it work out? I think that Putin will try to settle it diplomatically. As I said, he (Putin) will hope that the EU comes to its senses and abandons Washington, rather than risk this type of confrontation — that the EU will see that this regime that’s forming in Western Ukraine is not what they wanted.

    The last thing the EU wants is a regime of ultra-nationalists. The EU is trying to stamp out nationalism and put all of the governments of the member states under the EU government in Brussels. So sovereignty and ultra-nationalism are the last things the EU wants to see.

    I think Putin will also wait to see if the moderates get in control somehow. He’ll negotiate a reasonable agreement with them. If the ultra-wing prevails in the Western Ukraine, then he’ll be prepared to defend the Crimea and the eastern provinces and to reabsorb them into Russia.

    They won’t be able to take on the Russian Army. So I think the danger does not come from Putin or Russia — it comes from the fools in Washington. And if they (Washington) push this, which I suspect they will as part of their cover-up, then their anti-Putin rhetoric will rise, the lies will multiply, and they will force an issue rather than admit a mistake. And so this is a great risk the world faces — it’s the risk of nuclear war.”

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  2. You have just put the entire saga into a concise “Nutshell” George, but the EU have enticed Ukraine to react in the way they have, by stirring up the situation. They are not free of blame.

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  3. Random Anonymous Crank

    The U.S. is using the same regime change and destabilization tactics it’s used over and over again in the middle east , it’s blatant and obvious and it shows the contempt they have for the sheep who keep on swallowing it. I found this interesting …….

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  4. Random Anonymous Crank

    Here is another phone call appertaining to the situation there , scroll down to the video and pay attention at about 9.00

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