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Ben Cowburn Comedian Tribute

Ben Cowburn Comedian Tribute by Stephen K Amos gay TV comic celebrity twitter tweet suicide tragic death raped mr x groomed stylist sexual abuse overdose

I’m not a regular reader of the Daily Mail Online obvs (as the text speak youth of today would say) but I did happen across a headline which read “TV Comic Groomed Tragic Overdose Teenager”. Initially I assumed the splash was some new angle on Michael Barrymore and the pool boy. No. The headline actually referred to 18 year old ... Read More »

Rennie Police Fed Truth Free Mints

Ian Rennie Resigns Police Federation Truth Free Plebgate Tablets spoof funny advert image photo chairman general secretary quit conference report change

Read More »

How Safe Is Your Child

How Safe Is Your Child, sexually abused, raped, buggered, social workers, teachers, police, clergy, celebrities, MPs, judiciary, royalty, paedos, care homes, armed forces, Mi5, Mi6, paedophile ring, government, childlike, nspcc

How many children have been sexually abused, raped or buggered by social workers? How many children have been sexually abused, raped or buggered by workers in care homes? How many children have been sexually abused, raped or buggered by teachers? How many children have been sexually abused, raped or buggered by leaders of Scouts and Girl Guides? How many children have ... Read More »

The Only Answer: Self-Government


Apologies for the site downtime over the last 24 hours or so – apparently the hosts tried to move the server, but chose to wrap it in brown paper and send it through the post… Some of you may remember that regular commenter “Earwig” promised to submit his ideas for alternative government. Well here they are: The Only Answer: Self-Government ... Read More »

Climate Week 2014


I hope you’re all looking forward to this years “Climate Week” – I know I am.  By which I mean it will give me yet another chance to rant and rage at the utter stupidity of this pointless, but apparently well funded, campaign. It was set up in 2010 by one Kevin Steele, who according to his Linkedin profile doesn’t ... Read More »

Tax – Nothing has changed


Hardly a day passes without someone complaining about the Tax Man demanding money with menaces – Ken Frost has enough material to run a blog solely devoted to their incompetence.  His latest post opens with this: The TaxFaculty has urged people not to be afraid to complain to HMRC about problems, and goes on to advise that people should also ... Read More »

MP Portraits Sold To Cling Film Manufacturer

MP Portraits Sold To Cling Film Manufacturer diane abbott tony blair john bercow ken clarke william hague tony benn £250,000 taxpayers money funny image pic

I think we can file this one under ‘there is always a positive side to everything’ ;-) Following the recent news that our beloved parliamentarians have blown £250,000 of taxpayers’ money on MP portraits, a well-know national cling film manufacturer has now secured all the copyrights. A spokesman for the The Parliamentary Art Collection refused to disclose how much the portraits were ... Read More »

Open Thread 13/01/14 – Updated

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

This weeks Open Thread. Update:  Joe Public sent in a suggestion for discussion today, which ought to raise a few hackles – click for linky MPs splash out £250,000 of public money on vanity portraits Here’s one of our most loved & hard working members of parliament: Once you’ve recovered your composure, and cleaned the keyboard and screen, a visit ... Read More »

David Cameron Calls For Calm After Mark Duggan Inquest Verdict

mark duggan inquest verdict david cameron black transcript calm vigil chant killed police peace justice

About That Mark Duggan Radio Bullet Read More »

Facebook Privacy

facebook privacy personal info sensitive information how to delete account that can fuck right off funny image problems secrecy adverts selling poster vintage

First up in a new series. Possibly. Today we’re focussing on social media, Facebook in particular. Do you ever think what happens to all that sensitive information that you keep posting about yourself? And have you ever tried to delete your Facebook account? Facebook privacy and policy changes … that can fuck right off! Read More »

Open Thread 30/12/13

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

The last Open Thread of 2013. Do you think Camermong will back down in the face of a mini rebellion from the Conservative Grassroots group, and extend the border controls on Romanian & Bulgarian until after the referendum? – That’s assuming we ever GET a referendum…. Read More »

Vince Cable is a twat.

featured immigrant camp destroyed

The Liberal Democrat windbag Vince Cable tries to compare Cameron to Enoch Powell, which is an insult to Enoch’s memory. At least he was trying to look after our interests, not sell them to Brussels. Cable says: The responsibility of politicians in this situation when people are getting anxious is to try to reassure them and give them facts Since ... Read More »

About That Ronnie Biggs Knighthood

Ronnie Biggs Knighthood

Rumours of a Ronnie Biggs Knighthood are gathering pace tonight following the death of the 84-year-old Great Train Robber, this morning. The infamous celebrity criminal, who absconded a 30 year prison sentence, for his part in the Crime of the Century, is just one on a list of other violent criminals set to receive a posthumous knighthood. The Kray twins, ... Read More »

Open Thread 09/12/13

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

Another Open Thread for your discussions. Possible topics: The pay rise for MP’s, as recommended by IPSA. A cynic could be forgiven for wondering if this isn’t exactly what was planned – after admitting that they couldn’t be trusted to make a decision themselves, control is handed over to an “Independent” body which then does the same thing. Only now ... Read More »

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