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Open Thread 21-07-14

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

This weeks open thread for your discussions. Read More »

Open Thread 14-07-14

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

This weeks Open Thread for your discussions. Read More »

Open Thread 07-07-14

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

This weeks Open Thread for your discussions. Read More »

Leon Brittan Paedo Or Just A Poor Memory

Leon Brittan Paedo Poor Memory Pederast Geoffry Dickens Dossier Elm Guest House Operation Yewtree Paedophile Ring Allegations Rumours Tory Minister Simon Danczuk Jane names rape ex minister photos report images

What the Dickens is going on? When questioned a few weeks ago, about the Westminster Paedophile Ring / Elm Guest House Dossier compiled by Geoffrey Dickens MP, Lord Leon Brittan said that he had no recollection of ever seeing it. However, Leon Brittan now appears to have changed his mind after issuing the following statement yesterday : “During my time as ... Read More »

Friday Funnies by Microdave

featured 6-6-14

There’s nothing funny about war, so spare a moment to think about the dwindling band of brave old soldiers paying their respects to fallen comrades in France at the moment. Particularly Jock Hutton, who at the tender age of 89 made a parachute jump into the same field where he landed during the Normandy invasion.  You wouldn’t catch me leaving ... Read More »

Rolf Harris Touchy Feely Sketches In Court

Rolf Harris Touchy Feely Judge Orders Court Sketches Destroyed exclusive image trial teenager married man bbc paedo ring drawing bindi bray funny photo

Rolf Harris made sketches in the middle of his trial while sitting in the dock, the court heard. Making such images in court is strictly banned and is considered to be a potential contempt of court. Mr Justice Sweeney today told the jury he has ordered the drawings to be destroyed but accepted the 84-year-old entertainer and artist had acted ... Read More »

Rolf Harris : Can You See What It Is Yet?

Rolf Harris Jokes playing Wobble Board Didgeridoo painting naughty Kangaroo videos octopus very small penis court trial sexual abuse children paedo teen

Plenty of Rolf Harris jokes doing the rounds as his court case gets underway. Mainly to do with the prosecution referring to his nickname of Octopus and the allegation that Rolf Harris has a very, very small penis. Just Google Rolf Harris jokes and you’ll soon find them. Meanwhile, here are 3 short videos that I thought I would share ... Read More »

David Cameron Faces Gary Barlow Tax Avoidance Offshore Trust Fund Scheme Head On

Gary Barlow Tax Avoidance Offshore Trust Fund Scheme David Cameron Gary Barlow Tax AvoidanceDavid Cameron millionaire exclusive conversation funny image joke photo take that aggressive tax avoidance court order HMRC

Read More »

Another Katie Price Divorce – Call Fathers 4 Justice

katie price divorce launches new fathers 4 justice advert campaign kieran hayler pregnant harvey more access love less me me me jordan skank bitch minging

I see that another Katie Price divorce is being thrust upon the readers of the red tops. Yep. Kieran Hayler (whoever the hell he is) has waved his arm around in a warm room supplied the statutory amount of sperm (as per the Katie Price pre-nip). So … in other words, she’s pregnant now he can do one. New book? New ... Read More »

Today’s i Front Page That You Didn’t See

The i front page that you didn't see today - George Osborne housing boom all in it together funny image chancellor gideon bust prices increase cash rich

Original i front page HERE Read More »

Mail On Sunday Front Page You Didn’t See

Mail On Sunday Front Page that you didn't see - Red Ed Miliband Fat Ed Balls funny spoof nanny state smokers drinkers eaters unhealthy junk food diet Labour

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About That Max Clifford Prison Sentence of 8 Years

About that Max Clifford Prison Sentence - Operation Yewtree Paedo Politicians celebrities jimmy savile boys girls sexual abuse bbc jail arrests charged stephen fry twitter

So, Judge Anthony Leonard QC has determined the Max Clifford prison sentence will be a total of 8 years*. Although he is the first padeophile to be imprisoned as a result of the Jimmy Savile inspired Operation Yewtree, it’s hardly a serious punishment for the sleazy, untouchable, PR guru with a penchant for sexually abusing young girls. Having a small penis ... Read More »

Why Am I Not Surprised? (Updated)

featured 2

First This: “UKIP IS NOW A RACIST PARTY” That is the definition of racist humour. A white man standing up getting laughs as he makes derogatory jokes in a fake Asian accent Watch these two clips: Would Dan Hodges class them as racist? After all they were both born in the UK, and we are all evil, right? The reality ... Read More »

Ben Cowburn Comedian Tribute

Ben Cowburn Comedian Tribute by Stephen K Amos gay TV comic celebrity twitter tweet suicide tragic death raped mr x groomed stylist sexual abuse overdose

I’m not a regular reader of the Daily Mail Online obvs (as the text speak youth of today would say) but I did happen across a headline which read “TV Comic Groomed Tragic Overdose Teenager”. Initially I assumed the splash was some new angle on Michael Barrymore and the pool boy. No. The headline actually referred to 18 year old ... Read More »

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