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Open Thread 28-07-14

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

This weeks Open Thread. A few things: 1) Sorry for the lack of Friday Funnies, but after more than 3 years with scarcely a break, I had a “Fuck it, I can’t be bothered” moment. 2) I’ve had word that the server may be upgraded sometime this week – I don’t know exactly when, but will try and give some ... Read More »

Open Thread 23-06-14

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

This weeks Open Thread for your discussions. When (if) I’ve remembered how to do it, I’ll move the last comments from Friday Funnies here, as it’s a better place for the sort of story involved. As you’ll see I managed to move 5 comments. Please carry on with the subject here. And to “GP” who contacted me yesterday, thanks for ... Read More »

Friday Funnies by Microdave


George Silver sent me this, and wondered how it would need to be changed in order to appear in the MSM: He thought something like “2 West African Gentlemen and a Borrowed Van” Whether that’s genuine sign writing or a ‘Shop Job” is open to conjecture, but I remember featuring this one from a 2011: Whilst I’m busy causing offence ... Read More »

Open Letter To David Cameron

westminster paedophile ring david cameron ken clarke ben fellows hunger strike operation fernbridge arrest carlton tv open letter cyril smith cook savile

Dear Prime Minister I very much hope you are enjoying your family holiday in Lanzarote. I am also in Lanzarote but for other reasons which will become clear. I am writing to you now regarding a most serious matter concerning that of an institutional paedophile ring operating in Westminster politics and my own allegations which involve Cabinet Minister The Right ... Read More »

Open Thread 13/01/14 – Updated

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

This weeks Open Thread. Update:  Joe Public sent in a suggestion for discussion today, which ought to raise a few hackles – click for linky MPs splash out £250,000 of public money on vanity portraits Here’s one of our most loved & hard working members of parliament: Once you’ve recovered your composure, and cleaned the keyboard and screen, a visit ... Read More »

Open Thread 09/12/13

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

Another Open Thread for your discussions. Possible topics: The pay rise for MP’s, as recommended by IPSA. A cynic could be forgiven for wondering if this isn’t exactly what was planned – after admitting that they couldn’t be trusted to make a decision themselves, control is handed over to an “Independent” body which then does the same thing. Only now ... Read More »

Open Thread 02/12/13

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

This weeks Open Thread for general discussion. For starters how about a  story I saw in The Register regarding the Government planning to use the new internet “Porn Filter” to suppress extremist sites as well? Here’s a quote from Camoron in the linked Hansard report: We have put in place some of the toughest controls that one can possibly have ... Read More »

Open Thread 18/11/13

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

This weeks Open Thread for your discussions. How about the news that cosy little club ACPO might be disbanded? Granted this report was commissioned by police commissioners who will make the decision, so it could very easily be swept under the carpet. But in a speech last month, Theresa May said Acpo ‘was neither accountable to the public nor able ... Read More »

Open Thread 11/11/13

This weeks Open Thread for general discussion. I would like to make an apology to George Silver, who found he couldn’t make any posts. Askimet decided he was a spammer, and I hadn’t checked in that location. So if anyone else (genuine commenter’s, that is ) finds they can’t post, please email me and I’ll look for you as well. Read More »

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