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Winner The Voice 2014 Sally Barker

Winner The Voice 2014 Sally Barker young photo pic image album covers tom jones singer songwriter guitarist producer music career the poozies iTunes songs

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Flight MH370 Cockpit Voice Recorder

Flight MH370 Black Box Cockpit Voice Recorder Last Communication New Account of Last Words Malaysia pilot co pilot found indian ocean key plane funny image

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Another Banned Oscar Pistorius Advert

Banned Oscar Pistorius Advert - boneless chicken legs bullets cricket bat girlfriend murder photo shooting trial news humour funny image pictures kfc spoof

Anyone else sick and tired of the wall-t0-wall and floor-to-ceiling news coverage of that chicken leg sprinter’s murder trial? So, if the new bathroom door lock indicator didn’t raise a smile, then … perhaps another banned Oscar Pistorius advert will ;-) Read More »

South Africa Trial New Bathroom Door Lock

Oscar Pistorius Bathroom Door

  Tip of the hat to Cheerful Soul … or maybe that should be an Oscar ;-) . Read More »

Downing Street Affair

Downing Street Affair - A Few Ideas On Who Might Be Involved - David Cameron Boris Johnson Samantha Cameron info scandal crisis talks names funny photo leak

There seems to be an awful lot of interest in the Downing Street Affair at the moment. David Cameron seems to have been ‘rocked’ by news of the secret affair. Holding ‘crisis talks’ after being told of a scandal that could have potentially significant political implications for him. So who are the subjects of this Downing Street Affair then? Was ... Read More »

New Coronation Street Logo

New Coronation Street Logo Design After Ken Barlow Arrest William Roache suspicion child rape Kevin Webster nonce paedo noncing abuse edited soap episodes

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Police Question Leon Brittan

Leon Brittan Elm Guest House police question paedophile paedo young boys guest william hague brighton beach mp home secretary amnesia private eye satire PIE

Full details of back story HERE. Others on alleged ‘Guest List’ HERE. Read More »

Elm Guest House Operation Fairbank Rumours

Elm Guest House Rocks Lane London Abuse Names Operation Fairbank Tom Watson Allegations Investigations Paedophile Ring Gay Parties Senior Adviser Mary Moss

In November of last year, surrounded in secrecy, the Metropolitan Police began Operation Fairbank. It was set up after Tom Watson MP made allegations, in the House of Commons, of a “powerful paedophile ring” with links to a previous prime minister’s “senior adviser”. The widely held belief has been that Labour MP Tom Watson was referring to a member of ... Read More »

Something Strange About Robbie Parker

Robbie Parker Sandy Hook School Newtown laughing bereaved father actor false flag second gunman strange unseen video msm shooting fraud children emilie scam

Robbie Parker has been appearing regularly, on TV news reports, as a bereaved father of one of the young children who were massacred at Sandy Hook School in Newton. Maybe it’s just me but there is something very strange going on with regard to the demeanour of Robbie Parker. Here is a typical kind of statement that Robbie Parker has ... Read More »

Strictly Come Dancing Results Spoiler

Strictly Come Dancing Results Spoiler 2012 show BBC SCD bottom two dance off #SCD leaving this week eliminated voted off going twitter votes

Welcome to the last Strictly Come Dancing results spoiler of 2012. I can hardly contain my excitement. It’s semi final week, according to Lady F, but as far as I’m concerned how can five of anything constitute a semi final. Z list celebrity dancers looking to revive their flagging career … or otherwise. Anyway the SCD Final can’t come son ... Read More »

Max Clifford Website Down

Max Clifford

The website belonging to Max Clifford appears to be down, following his arrest by Met Police today, as part of the Jimmy Savile Operation Yewtree investigation. The PR man to the rich and famous is being questioned in relation to alleged ‘sexual offences’. There is speculation that information held by Max Clifford, about political and celebrity clients’ criminal paedophile activity, ... Read More »

Strictly Come Dancing Results Spoiler

Strictly Come Dancing Results Spoiler 2012 show BBC SCD bottom two dance off #SCD leaving this week eliminated voted off going twitter votes

I was in two minds whether to post the Strictly Come Dancing results spoiler this week … or not. I’m easily bored you see. I hate predictability. I’m bored with a programme that I don’t even watch. I hate how predictable all the SCD devotees are on a Saturday night. Desperate to find out the results before the Saturday night ... Read More »

Strictly Come Dancing Results Spoiler

Strictly Come Dancing Results Spoiler 2012 show BBC SCD bottom two dance off #SCD leaving this week eliminated voted off going twitter votes

I don’t know how many readers of Max Farquar actually watch Strictly Come Dancing. I don’t. Lady F does … and I do rather enjoy blurting out the Strictly Come Dancing results spoiler before she has a chance to watch the fake live Sunday Night results show. The BBC record the SCD results show on a Saturday night just as ... Read More »

Scallywag Magazine Front Cover

Scallywag Magazine Front Cover Issue 22 1994 original black & white scan image photo featuring Tory Gays Lord McAlpine lost pages paedophile twitter lawyer

Well, well. Look what’s turned up. A black and white copy of an original Scallywag Magazine front cover. Issue 22 dated 1994, to be precise. Looks like there are some interesting articles in this issue. “We expose the racism behind the Tory gays” and an exclusive about Lord McAlpine. Although it’s unclear which Lord McAlpine they are referring to. Obviously ... Read More »

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