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Cliff Richard And The Young Ones

Cliff Richard Rumours Young Ones Elm Guest House names Melvyn Bragg Jimmy Savile Kitty arrest VIP BBC paedophile ring boys gladys Mi5 Jill Dando Barbados

When will the Cliff Richard rumours finally come to light in the mainstream media? When will the ‘christian’ gay lord be arrested, if ever, for his involvement with the young ones? How long is it until the wig wearing, justice dodging Barbadian actually shuffles his way off to that great ‘Elm Guest House‘ in the sky? The sooner the better. Then ... Read More »

Edwina Currie Ex Female MP And Author

Edwina Currie Andrew Ash Ex Female MP

Edwina Currie, ex female MP and author, describes conversations with colleagues in the House of Commons tea-room : “Really nice, decent colleagues, members of parliament” who would scoff at the suggestions that adults can and do abuse children. For them, it was all nonsense dreamt up by silly social workers. “I would say to them : people exist who have ... Read More »

Rolf Harris Touchy Feely Sketches In Court

Rolf Harris Touchy Feely Judge Orders Court Sketches Destroyed exclusive image trial teenager married man bbc paedo ring drawing bindi bray funny photo

Rolf Harris made sketches in the middle of his trial while sitting in the dock, the court heard. Making such images in court is strictly banned and is considered to be a potential contempt of court. Mr Justice Sweeney today told the jury he has ordered the drawings to be destroyed but accepted the 84-year-old entertainer and artist had acted ... Read More »

Another Katie Price Divorce – Call Fathers 4 Justice

katie price divorce launches new fathers 4 justice advert campaign kieran hayler pregnant harvey more access love less me me me jordan skank bitch minging

I see that another Katie Price divorce is being thrust upon the readers of the red tops. Yep. Kieran Hayler (whoever the hell he is) has waved his arm around in a warm room supplied the statutory amount of sperm (as per the Katie Price pre-nip). So … in other words, she’s pregnant now he can do one. New book? New ... Read More »

About That Max Clifford Prison Sentence of 8 Years

About that Max Clifford Prison Sentence - Operation Yewtree Paedo Politicians celebrities jimmy savile boys girls sexual abuse bbc jail arrests charged stephen fry twitter

So, Judge Anthony Leonard QC has determined the Max Clifford prison sentence will be a total of 8 years*. Although he is the first padeophile to be imprisoned as a result of the Jimmy Savile inspired Operation Yewtree, it’s hardly a serious punishment for the sleazy, untouchable, PR guru with a penchant for sexually abusing young girls. Having a small penis ... Read More »

Another Banned Oscar Pistorius Advert

Banned Oscar Pistorius Advert - boneless chicken legs bullets cricket bat girlfriend murder photo shooting trial news humour funny image pictures kfc spoof

Anyone else sick and tired of the wall-t0-wall and floor-to-ceiling news coverage of that chicken leg sprinter’s murder trial? So, if the new bathroom door lock indicator didn’t raise a smile, then … perhaps another banned Oscar Pistorius advert will ;-) Read More »

Downing Street Affair

Downing Street Affair - A Few Ideas On Who Might Be Involved - David Cameron Boris Johnson Samantha Cameron info scandal crisis talks names funny photo leak

There seems to be an awful lot of interest in the Downing Street Affair at the moment. David Cameron seems to have been ‘rocked’ by news of the secret affair. Holding ‘crisis talks’ after being told of a scandal that could have potentially significant political implications for him. So who are the subjects of this Downing Street Affair then? Was ... Read More »

Elm Guest House Operation Fairbank Rumours

Elm Guest House Rocks Lane London Abuse Names Operation Fairbank Tom Watson Allegations Investigations Paedophile Ring Gay Parties Senior Adviser Mary Moss

In November of last year, surrounded in secrecy, the Metropolitan Police began Operation Fairbank. It was set up after Tom Watson MP made allegations, in the House of Commons, of a “powerful paedophile ring” with links to a previous prime minister’s “senior adviser”. The widely held belief has been that Labour MP Tom Watson was referring to a member of ... Read More »

Something Strange About Robbie Parker

Robbie Parker Sandy Hook School Newtown laughing bereaved father actor false flag second gunman strange unseen video msm shooting fraud children emilie scam

Robbie Parker has been appearing regularly, on TV news reports, as a bereaved father of one of the young children who were massacred at Sandy Hook School in Newton. Maybe it’s just me but there is something very strange going on with regard to the demeanour of Robbie Parker. Here is a typical kind of statement that Robbie Parker has ... Read More »

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