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Friday Funnies by Microdave


Something topical to start this weeks Friday Funnies: New video has emerged showing the inside of the Costa Concordia cruise ship which has been refloated after sinking two and a half years ago. It shows two Scotsmen still waiting for their change at a bar. The Beatles were lying to us all those years ago… To go with the Chicken ... Read More »

Farady Funnies by Microdave


Just a little play on words there, seeing as how I’m trying to edjurkate some of you lot in matters electrical. This is probably past its sell by date, but I either delete it or use it… I can’t imagine many youngsters visiting this establishment: Now pay attention, this is important… With built in shock absorbers, this lady obviously jumped ... Read More »

Boris Johnson Water Cannon Test A Total Success

Boris Johnson Water Cannon Test

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John Bercow Sex Symbol

John Bercow Sex Symbol Speaker of the House of Commons Dwarfed By Sally Bed Sheet Bercow PMQs short funny image photo pic gay sexual orientation height wife

John Bercow sex symbol? Who started that ugly rumour?   . Oh. Apparently it was his wife, Sally ‘bed sheet’ Bercow.   Bonking ‘I dwarf my husband’ Bercow reckons that her hunky-hubby’s high profile as Squeaker Speaker of the House of Commons makes him more likely to give the laydees a wide-on. However short-arse John said that “I’m not at ... Read More »

Friday Funnies by Microdave

Featured 02-07-14

No more farting in this weeks Friday Funnies – it’ll be very dull & boring: We don’t want any accidents… Certainly not this sort: But maybe this would be O.K? By the look of things, even simple gardening tasks COULD be dangerous… Julia M posted earlier this week about another taxpayer funded crazy scheme in Sarfend – she was complaining ... Read More »

Friday Funnies by Microdave

featured 27-04-14

Two weeks back Friday Funnies was “childish”. And so is this edition, but for a different reason. I need to “blow off” a build up of pressure. Exactly what is causing this, I’m not telling… Leggy posted about Large Arses yesterday, and quoted a health busybody claiming that “Obesity is preventable, but current policies aren’t working”. He got the second ... Read More »

Friday Funnies by Microdave

featured 13-6-2014

A very “childish” edition of Friday Funnies today… Another way of “Containing Baby”: And “Calming Baby”: “Introducing Baby To Pets”? (I suppose a camel is hardly a pet, but what the hell…) “Washing Baby” – that was always going to end in tears… Some establishments offer an inducement for good behaviour: But woe betide those who don’t take heed… No, ... Read More »

Front Page Of The Telegraph You Didn’t See

Scottish Referendum Yes Campaign - Alex Salmond adviser sacked Yes We Can Scotland Independence poster logo badge image funny JK Rowling drunk scotsman

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Gordon Brown Scottish Referendum Embarrassment

Gordon Brown Scottish Referendum Alex Salmond Saltire Embarrassment flag waving yes vote no vote independence stunt interview first minister scotland funny

“Gordon Brown has told Sky News how he felt embarrassed when Alex Salmond staged his controversial Saltire stunt when Andy Murray won Wimbledon. In an exclusive interview with Sky’s Eamonn Holmes, he said the Scottish First Minister’s gesture was a terrible mistake, cheap and made Scotland look small.” Err …. surely that’s a tad rich … coming from the mono-eyed snot ... Read More »

Friday Funnies by Microdave

featured 6-6-14

There’s nothing funny about war, so spare a moment to think about the dwindling band of brave old soldiers paying their respects to fallen comrades in France at the moment. Particularly Jock Hutton, who at the tender age of 89 made a parachute jump into the same field where he landed during the Normandy invasion.  You wouldn’t catch me leaving ... Read More »

Friday Funnies by Microdave


George Silver sent me this, and wondered how it would need to be changed in order to appear in the MSM: He thought something like “2 West African Gentlemen and a Borrowed Van” Whether that’s genuine sign writing or a ‘Shop Job” is open to conjecture, but I remember featuring this one from a 2011: Whilst I’m busy causing offence ... Read More »

Friday Funnies by Microdave

featured willy

Dunno about my Funnies, but the funniest thing I’ve seen over the last 24hrs was some BBC political correspondent admitting that the upsurge in UKIP votes was “A two fingered salute to the 3 main parties”  Ha! – that must have REALLY hurt for the Beeb to admit… I sent some scans of a Liebor election newsletter to Max the ... Read More »

OK Ed Look Natural No Look Natural Ed

OK Look natural Ed no Look Natural Ed Miliband vine video andy warhol poster scary weird funny image pop art labour party leader fuck off beaker face smile

In case you haven’t already seen it here is that looping (or should that be looning) Vine video ‘Look Natural Ed’. Where Ed Miliband gives us his most scariest and weirdest facial contortions yet. The sound is a MUST so please click the speaker icon to activate it : So … I thought a few clips from that would make ... Read More »

Friday Funnies by Microdave

featured 16-5-14

This may or may not work – the site is being hit by spammers at the moment, and Askimet doesn’t seem to be doing its normal good job… This week’s Friday Funnies features lots of boobs – try this for starters: When I said “Boobs” I was being a bit economical with the truth – never the less, here are ... Read More »

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