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Open Thread 21-07-14

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

This weeks open thread for your discussions. Read More »

Tony Blair Middle East Peace Envoy

Tony Blair Middle East Peace Talks

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Open Thread 14-07-14

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

This weeks Open Thread for your discussions. Read More »

Boris Johnson Water Cannon Test A Total Success

Boris Johnson Water Cannon Test

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Edwina Currie Ex Female MP And Author

Edwina Currie Andrew Ash Ex Female MP

Edwina Currie, ex female MP and author, describes conversations with colleagues in the House of Commons tea-room : “Really nice, decent colleagues, members of parliament” who would scoff at the suggestions that adults can and do abuse children. For them, it was all nonsense dreamt up by silly social workers. “I would say to them : people exist who have ... Read More »

Open Thread 07-07-14

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

This weeks Open Thread for your discussions. Read More »

John Bercow Sex Symbol

John Bercow Sex Symbol Speaker of the House of Commons Dwarfed By Sally Bed Sheet Bercow PMQs short funny image photo pic gay sexual orientation height wife

John Bercow sex symbol? Who started that ugly rumour?   . Oh. Apparently it was his wife, Sally ‘bed sheet’ Bercow.   Bonking ‘I dwarf my husband’ Bercow reckons that her hunky-hubby’s high profile as Squeaker Speaker of the House of Commons makes him more likely to give the laydees a wide-on. However short-arse John said that “I’m not at ... Read More »

Leon Brittan Paedo Or Just A Poor Memory

Leon Brittan Paedo Poor Memory Pederast Geoffry Dickens Dossier Elm Guest House Operation Yewtree Paedophile Ring Allegations Rumours Tory Minister Simon Danczuk Jane names rape ex minister photos report images

What the Dickens is going on? When questioned a few weeks ago, about the Westminster Paedophile Ring / Elm Guest House Dossier compiled by Geoffrey Dickens MP, Lord Leon Brittan said that he had no recollection of ever seeing it. However, Leon Brittan now appears to have changed his mind after issuing the following statement yesterday : “During my time as ... Read More »

Open Thread 23-06-14

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

This weeks Open Thread for your discussions. When (if) I’ve remembered how to do it, I’ll move the last comments from Friday Funnies here, as it’s a better place for the sort of story involved. As you’ll see I managed to move 5 comments. Please carry on with the subject here. And to “GP” who contacted me yesterday, thanks for ... Read More »

Friday Funnies by Microdave

featured 20-06-14

Another hastily assembled collection forms this weeks Friday Funnies, and a few more than usual, to make up for the lateness of posting. I encountered a slight technical Snafu which caused lots of grief: Leggy has posted about the strange effects of Whisky, and this submission from George Silver seems appropriate… Would you like some Ice with your Whisky? Last ... Read More »

Open Thread 16-06-14

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

As requested here is this weeks Open Thread.  Earwig commented yesterday: I hope Dave will stick up another open thread tomorrow, but in the mean time, if I may, I’d just like to draw attention to Cameron’s announcement that he wants “British values” taught in schools from September. The question is, who’s going to define what these “British values” are ... Read More »

Front Page Of The Telegraph You Didn’t See

Scottish Referendum Yes Campaign - Alex Salmond adviser sacked Yes We Can Scotland Independence poster logo badge image funny JK Rowling drunk scotsman

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Gordon Brown Scottish Referendum Embarrassment

Gordon Brown Scottish Referendum Alex Salmond Saltire Embarrassment flag waving yes vote no vote independence stunt interview first minister scotland funny

“Gordon Brown has told Sky News how he felt embarrassed when Alex Salmond staged his controversial Saltire stunt when Andy Murray won Wimbledon. In an exclusive interview with Sky’s Eamonn Holmes, he said the Scottish First Minister’s gesture was a terrible mistake, cheap and made Scotland look small.” Err …. surely that’s a tad rich … coming from the mono-eyed snot ... Read More »

Friday Funnies by Microdave

featured 6-6-14

There’s nothing funny about war, so spare a moment to think about the dwindling band of brave old soldiers paying their respects to fallen comrades in France at the moment. Particularly Jock Hutton, who at the tender age of 89 made a parachute jump into the same field where he landed during the Normandy invasion.  You wouldn’t catch me leaving ... Read More »

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