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Max Farquar Comment Policy

Those of you who have ever visited and/or commented on any of my blogs in the past, will already know that there isn’t any comment policy, apart from the fact that I encourage free speech, and no moderation or deletion of comments will be made by me.

However, occasionally the Akismet spam filter will throw a wobbly and put your comment into moderation for no apparent reason. If you should happen to get ‘scooped up’ then let me make it crystal fucking clear … it’s not my fault!

Just be patient. Your comment will appear in the post just as soon as I can possibly deal with it. I don’t sit at my computer 24/7 FFS!

So … you have been told and if you don’t like it then you can fuck off somewhere else.

Update:  Max is currently taking a break from blogging, and I am trying to keep things running. New commenter’s will now need their first post approving before it appears. After that you should be able to post at will.

So long as you wish to contribute to the discussion, and are not trying to deliberately disrupt things, you are welcome. Otherwise Max’s last paragraph still applies…



  1. Are you Australian? :)

  2. I have just embedded a link to your freedom video onto my website, it’s powerful stuff.

    As the signing of the Lisbon and EU were acts of treason, and the coalition are stalling for time, because on 4th November 2014, Parliament effectively hands power over to the EU (Quality Majority Voting), according to Common Law we must lawfully rebel.

    The problem is, the buggers have stolen every public function, councils, courts, police, Defra, etc and privatised the lot, they’re all listed in Dun and Bradstreet, so how do we fight private companies finance by our taxes?

  3. I have submitted an e-petition to repeal the Climate Change Act. As at 8.00 am this morning it was “leading the pack” with over 50 signatures. But this is a drop in the ocean – 100,000 are needed to force a Parliamentary debate.

    The petition is at:

    If you agree, please sign and pass it on.

  4. this global warming is all crap the energy companies don’t want global warming if its too warm we don’t have the heating on hence saving us our money which they don’t like.they tell us its global warming but our winters will get colder so get roof and cavity wall insulation costs us more money.i remember the 70s winters very long drawn out cold,not like today it can snow all day but soon goes which again benefits us the paying public.

  5. Fuck me with a stick. Your comment policy is manna to my ear.

  6. I think Akismet is ***** *** ** ******* ****** **** *!
    (Hope that doesn’t get censored…)

  7. What I am confused at is the photo of Robbie parker’s family photo of the 3 daughters and the photo of president Obama holding the girls, how can there be three girls he is holding when one was shot and killed There would be only 2 girls not? I must be missing something please straighten me out.

  8. Howard H. Clusterfuck III

    Well, those cunts who lord it over us and who thrive on lies and deceit and propagate an agenda based on the endless repetition of falsehoods and brainwashing have graciously allowed us to post again – until it suits them to start blocking again, of course, now they know they can do it effectively. And they WILL, doubtless, at some point when circumstances require it.
    It would be nice if Dave or Max would fill us in a bit on what’s going on and their future intentions as regards this site. Were they able to establish where the attacks were coming from, or if not, any hunches as to the likely cunts responsible? Is that too much to ask?

  9. Howard H. Clusterfuck III

    Why do I get a “Sorry, but comments are closed for this item” message when trying to follow up on the last FF posting dated 1st May??

  10. Random Anonymous Crank

    Hmmm I wondered why the latest postings where in the seldom read “Max Farquar Comment Policy” section and when I went to the last Friday funnies to leave a comment I see why , the facility to leave comments there has disappeared. I had at first thought that , for reasons unknown , the M.F. blog was just drifting with no one at the helm but now it begins to look like there is some kind of positive action to throttle it. The last three F/f have not had the usual open thread in between them . It must take a lot more work to produce F/f than just put up an open thread , so the omission of the open thread can hardly be work related. I myself (amongst others ) am guilty of adding off topic comments to F/f and am now wondering if that is why comments there are no longer available , let us see how long this particular avenue remains open , a tale it will tell.

    • Howard H. Clusterfuck III

      I was giving some thought to starting up another blog of my own in order to keep our little crowd together and maybe grow it into something bigger. But having regard to the level of attacks that are being targeted at blogs currently there would be no point. No sooner would it get up a head of steam than the treasonous kiddie-fiddlers would put the boot in on it. They obviously have the capability now; tried and tested successfully here and elsewhere. And all in time for the big collapse, whenever that comes (sooner rather than later I would guess).
      I recall JP is a personal friend of MD and drops in on him from time to time, so even if Max and Dave were indisposed for whatever reason I’d have expected JP to chip in here and let us know the score. But there again perhaps he has – but has been deleted by the yew-know-whews…

      • Just a thought Mr E, sorry can’t get used to your new name. Anyway, MD is alive and kicking as he recently posted elsewhere. Maybe he has lost interest in this site. And to be fair, he didn’t set it up, so you can’t really blame him. I still think you should put pen to paper and start your own blog. Ditto our silverback friend.

        • Thank you for the thought, Mr FS, but I’m not sure that my flibbertigibbet mentality would engage sufficiently. HHCIII, however, has a far better chance. Wiggy, what say you?

  11. Random Anonymous Crank

    i was thinking along those lines myself but lack of both finances and technical know how are a stumbling block , it would be educational just to see what retribution such a venture would draw. My searches showed there are some free to set up ones but they’re not proper ones like lord F’s is , where one can sign in with just an email address , for the others like F.S’s you’re required to sign up for some other information raping claptrap to get access , and for me anything that smells of Fuckwit Book or its likes is avoided like dog crap on the pavement , which of course it is. I’ve bookmarked many alternative sites over the years and it’s weird how many have how many have gone under , why we shall probably never know.

    • Howard H. Clusterfuck III

      Agreed. And there is also the Big Question of whether the human race is worth the fag. I’m not convinced it is. Even God can’t be arsed to lift a finger so why should I bother?
      Anyway, if anyone has found another surrogate home for us – that isn’t a Blogger/Google domain – I’d be interested to hear it nevertheless.

      • Earwig, I have to agree re the human race. But there is a certain satisfaction engendered in railing at the world. As i recall, you have a talent for writing. I hope you do set up a site. Let me know when you do.

        • “The human race is, for the most part, a dull, unresponsive mass of bloated meat, the principle reason for whose continued existence is to provide a contrasting backcloth against which I may shine with a spiritual lustre; exceeded by none”. Simon Templar (aka @The Saint’ c1929)

          • Howard H. Clusterfuck III

            Wow! That Leslie Charteris bloke was quite an elitist by the sound of it!
            FS, I think the time for writing has passed. The message has got through now. I was beginning to doubt it but just having had a weekend away at a vintage car rally has proved an enlightening and positive experience. I’m guessing well over 90% of the people I met there were fully primed up on the NWO and its shenanigans. I was very pleasantly surprised indeed, given that no one seems to ever speak about it in the pubs and clubs I frequent hereabouts. I can only infer that people are still concerned about ‘looking stupid’ in front of others when they make their views known and it’s only when you move out of your usual circle and meet up with others who are likewise off their own patch that a different picture emerges. When folks know they’re in the company of people they’ll never see again they’re infinitely more relaxed about making their feelings about conspiracy theories known. Very heartening indeed. Even I learned some things I didn’t know – and from the most unlikely sources (a couple of 12yr olds!) Clearly we need to give the, er, “sheeple” far more credit than we have been; they’re far more clued up than we ever suspected. Blog hosts have done their bit towards this new awareness so jolly well done – congrats one and all!

            • Random Anonymous Crank

              Glad you’re feeling more optimistic HHC3 but if folk express their views more freely with strangers why do the majority keep voting for the 3in1 and expect a change , there’s few places more private that the voting booth.

  12. Random Anonymous Crank

    I’m not linking this but I think camerons campaign against internet freedom has got nasty, the morning edition of WRH contains a link to what I’m 99.9% sure is a honeypot for anti NWO people, I’m surprised Mr. Rivero believed it.

  13. Random Anonymous Crank

    Oh Ho, that blog is definitely not what it purports to be, last night when I skimmed through its entirety most of it was unsupported assertions /fantasy , there was only one post that was in any way check-able in which the blogger claimed to have contacted six identifiable M.P.’s. Now today musing on the dynamic nature of the interweb and hoiw things disappear without trace I thought it would be an idea to do a screen print of that bit , lo and behold it was no longer there, I searched through the whole blog from its beginnings last year and that bit had been taken out , in its place was some nonsense about bin laden and chernovil claiming his source was mixed up in both , maybe the extra publicity given to them by WRH had put the wind up them.

  14. Random Anonymous Crank

    Now then it’s either an amazing coincidence or Lord F’s blog is being looked at , and there’s me thinking it was dead in the water. This lunchtime I re-visited the honeypot blog for a little “Sunday Sport” type light entertainment and the disappeared posting had been reappeared , slightly altered and this time it didn’t just give the name of the city and leave the reader to have to google who its M.P.’s are , it conveniently lists them complete with email addresses , fair dues someones trying really hard.

  15. So this is where you are all hiding.

    Let me know if there is an “alternative” tree that we can all nest in.

    I presume this part of the site is the “drop-box” for messages the spooks are always going on about.

    Stay lucky.

    • What Ho! my Liege … I trust that the day finds you well. Thanks be to MicroDave (&, by extension, MF) for keeping this site open. These digital days bring their blessings in a number of unusual and unexpected ways and friendships, however tenuous, are to be found and welcomed. Just back from Turkey myself, and a great time I had on the archery range with some Russian compadres. I regret to have to report that I turned up for one tourney whilst under the influence of the better part of a bottle of Raki and was cheered enthusiastically for every arrow I managed to place in the boss. To hear a wonderful Slavic bass voice boom, “It is in your blood”, was enough for me.

  16. Howard H. Clusterfuck III

    I’ll give it about 5 minutes before some cunt tries to shut it down, but check it out here:

    See you on the other side….

  17. Good to see you back with Friday Funnies :)

    I was beginning to lose my smile.

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