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Max Farquar Comment Policy

Those of you who have ever visited and/or commented on any of my blogs in the past, will already know that there isn’t any comment policy, apart from the fact that I encourage free speech, and no moderation or deletion of comments will be made by me.

However, occasionally the Akismet spam filter will throw a wobbly and put your comment into moderation for no apparent reason. If you should happen to get ‘scooped up’ then let me make it crystal fucking clear … it’s not my fault!

Just be patient. Your comment will appear in the post just as soon as I can possibly deal with it. I don’t sit at my computer 24/7 FFS!

So … you have been told and if you don’t like it then you can fuck off somewhere else.

Update:  Max is currently taking a break from blogging, and I am trying to keep things running. New commenter’s will now need their first post approving before it appears. After that you should be able to post at will.

So long as you wish to contribute to the discussion, and are not trying to deliberately disrupt things, you are welcome. Otherwise Max’s last paragraph still applies…



  1. Are you Australian? :)

  2. I have just embedded a link to your freedom video onto my website, it’s powerful stuff.

    As the signing of the Lisbon and EU were acts of treason, and the coalition are stalling for time, because on 4th November 2014, Parliament effectively hands power over to the EU (Quality Majority Voting), according to Common Law we must lawfully rebel.

    The problem is, the buggers have stolen every public function, councils, courts, police, Defra, etc and privatised the lot, they’re all listed in Dun and Bradstreet, so how do we fight private companies finance by our taxes?

  3. I have submitted an e-petition to repeal the Climate Change Act. As at 8.00 am this morning it was “leading the pack” with over 50 signatures. But this is a drop in the ocean – 100,000 are needed to force a Parliamentary debate.

    The petition is at:

    If you agree, please sign and pass it on.

  4. this global warming is all crap the energy companies don’t want global warming if its too warm we don’t have the heating on hence saving us our money which they don’t like.they tell us its global warming but our winters will get colder so get roof and cavity wall insulation costs us more money.i remember the 70s winters very long drawn out cold,not like today it can snow all day but soon goes which again benefits us the paying public.

  5. Fuck me with a stick. Your comment policy is manna to my ear.

  6. I think Akismet is ***** *** ** ******* ****** **** *!
    (Hope that doesn’t get censored…)

  7. What I am confused at is the photo of Robbie parker’s family photo of the 3 daughters and the photo of president Obama holding the girls, how can there be three girls he is holding when one was shot and killed There would be only 2 girls not? I must be missing something please straighten me out.

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