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Friday Funnies by Microdave


Welcome to Friday Funnies once more. I told my office junior that I’d promote her if she gave me a blow job. She did, so I wrote: “Nadine gives great head” on the wall in the gent’s. I’m trying to remember why I hired her in the first place… “Breaking News” – the BBC has got a sense of humour: ... Read More »

About That Ronnie Biggs Knighthood

Ronnie Biggs Knighthood

Rumours of a Ronnie Biggs Knighthood are gathering pace tonight following the death of the 84-year-old Great Train Robber, this morning. The infamous celebrity criminal, who absconded a 30 year prison sentence, for his part in the Crime of the Century, is just one on a list of other violent criminals set to receive a posthumous knighthood. The Kray twins, ... Read More »

Open Thread 14/10/13

Sorry for the late posting – here’s another Open Thread. How about discussing the general state of things. This country is going to hell in a hand cart, yet most of the population are sitting in front of the goggle box stuffing their faces with junk food,  and buying crap they don’t need from endless shopping channels. When not doing ... Read More »

April Fool

BMW P.R.A.M. April Fool

It’s that time of year again. Spoof stories to try and catch us out – here are a few April Fools to keep you amused: BMW have the P.R.A.M. – which might be a safer choice of transport for many of their usual customers: The Daily Mail would have us believe an Owl sanctuary have trained several of their birds ... Read More »

A better place?

Insured by Mafia better

A Guest post from George Silver The World would be a better place if all people were more selfish. There. That’s the grabber. Do I hear protest? Well I shall begin. OK OK the word selfish is maybe not quite right. This gives the impression of self-centred greed, grasping and self-absorbed. What I’m searching for is more like “self-orientated.” All ... Read More »

Dumb or Dumber?


Doncaster (Robin Hood) Airport staff – Dumb or Dumber? A Guest post by Joe Public: In 2010, Paul Chambers was found guilty of sending a “menacing electronic communication”. He tweeted that he would blow up nearby Robin Hood Airport when it closed after heavy snow. Not even a trainee al-Qaeda suicide aspirant would pre-publicise such an event. Initially, Paul’s first ... Read More »

BBC – standards of journalism


A Guest post from Joe Public. “Auntie” BBC invested a fortune in wining & dining 28 so-called ‘climate experts’ to teach staff how to spread ‘Global Warming’ propaganda. One suggestion from that seminar was to get journalists to report stories with a consistent “Global Warming / Climate Change is happening’ theme. This could be achieved by either “not asking the ... Read More »

Alternative To Pub Sky Sports TV

Pub Sky Sports TV Guide - football pub sky sports tv guide sky news bbc whats on live landlord blog posts bloggers blogging blogosphere internet celebrity

Hi Max What do you see on pub TV these days? Pub Sky Sports Football? The X Factor? Sky News? BBC News Channel? I’m a Celebrity Guess My Name? Britons Gone Tragic? Celebrity What’s Their Use? Fucked Up Boxing? I even saw cage fighting for the first time the other day. It reminded me of The Illustrated Karma Sutra. But ... Read More »

A Met Office Worker Writes

Met Office DECC CRU UEA BBC Gravy Train Heads For The Buffers - Global Warming science research grants broadcasting university confirmed scare stories data

Hi Max. I’d be obliged if you would post this “Cri du coeur”  from “a reader who prefers to remain anonymous” . My family is facing destitution, and I seek advice from your readers, or, Agony Uncle Saxon. Various of my relations are employed by the Met Office, DECC, CRU-UEA & the BBC. For years they’ve enjoyed a comfortable living creating ... Read More »

About That Sarah Millican

Sarah Millican Live - Unfunny Stand Up Comedy. Twitter dvd cover poster tour funny image bbc tv programme series miranda hart millicunt never off the telly

I was just browsing that Twitter thingy and noticed that Sarah Millican was trending. Eh? Had she actually said something funny or had she announced that there was one BBC programme that she wasn’t actually appearing on? Nope. She was just trying to plug her Sarah Millican Live tour. However it appears that I’m not the only one that finds ... Read More »

BBC Condone Child Abuse

BBC Statue New Broadcasting House

Do any of you recognise this statue and the building where it’s situated? No? OK, so here’s a wider shot of the building in question … Yep! It’s the recently revamped BBC Headquarters in Central London. New Broadcasting House, as it’s known these days, which cost the BBC TV Licence payers telly tax payers a cool ONE BILLION pounds. The ... Read More »

Strictly Come Dancing Results Spoiler

Strictly Come Dancing Results Spoiler 2012 show BBC SCD bottom two dance off #SCD leaving this week eliminated voted off going twitter votes

Welcome to the last Strictly Come Dancing results spoiler of 2012. I can hardly contain my excitement. It’s semi final week, according to Lady F, but as far as I’m concerned how can five of anything constitute a semi final. Z list celebrity dancers looking to revive their flagging career … or otherwise. Anyway the SCD Final can’t come son ... Read More »

I Agree With The Lib Dems..


Agree with the Lib Dems? – No, I haven’t completely taken leave of my senses, just that attempts to build a massive database of our online lives are still festering: New laws allowing the police and security services to monitor emails and internet use could end up costing households £500 each, Liberal Democrats have claimed. Advocates say the measures will help the ... Read More »

Whose Government Is Paying?

irish traveller movement in britain

This is a guest post from a contributor. For many years prior to Oct 2011, “Travellers” illegally occupied a site [an oxymoron - surely?] on the outskirts of Basildon. After a short siege, Eviction Notices obtained at huge legal costs to Taxpayers & Ratepayers were finally executed. In the ensuing mayhem 23 people, many of them external ‘Rent-a-Mob agitators, were ... Read More »

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