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Open Thread 13-10-2014

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

This weeks Open Thread. I’m going to throw this one in to get things rolling: It was posted at Watts Up with That And Caratcus has been attempting to emulate Max’s Photoshop skills: More like the size of his “Little White Lies”… Read More »

Open Thread 13/01/14 – Updated

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

This weeks Open Thread. Update:  Joe Public sent in a suggestion for discussion today, which ought to raise a few hackles – click for linky MPs splash out £250,000 of public money on vanity portraits Here’s one of our most loved & hard working members of parliament: Once you’ve recovered your composure, and cleaned the keyboard and screen, a visit ... Read More »



I often refer to Richard North and less so to Autonomous Mind for their sterling efforts in exposing media bias and outright lies. Both are usually to be found giving the likes of the Telegraph and the Mail a good kicking, but I intend to lower the tone and do the same with a “Down Market Tabloid” – namely the ... Read More »

Open Thread 28/10/13

Another Open Thread for your thoughts and discussions. To get the ball rolling I suggest you pop over to Goodnight Vienna’s blog and read all about the latest threat to our freedoms. The next time I hear an impassioned cry from some Green activist to “Think about our children’s future” I won’t be worrying about a few more parts per ... Read More »

Friday Funnies by Microdave


Leggy made a suggestion in in one of his posts last week, but I remember using it previously. He said “I saw this and thought of you”. Touché: I commented on his post (“Sex in a box”) that “If I still feel like doing Friday Funnies next week I’ve a good entry which fits in nicely with that” – so ... Read More »

Open Thread 07/10/2013

Here you go, another Open Thread for general discussion. Why not give your views on the announcement by Adam Afriyie that he intends to try and force a Referendum on EU membership before the end on this parliament. It’s apparently enraged David Cameron, but that’s not surprising, as he doesn’t really want to give us to leave anyway. The chances ... Read More »

Why do I bother?

Foreword: I’ve thought long and hard about writing this piece – I started it on Tuesday – and know full well that it could (and probably will) blow up in my face. But I’ve had enough of the snide comments from a certain person over the last week or two. It originally included the words “In short, I’ve had a ... Read More »

Parish Notice

I suppose now is as good a time as any to get this off my chest. The truth is Max isn’t likely to be making any more posts in the near future, if at all. He’s OK, but his every day life has rather got in the way of blogging. I’ve known this for a while but just haven’t had ... Read More »

Friday Funnies by Microdave


Last week Friday Funnies touched on how easily an unwanted pregnancy could occur (particularly with a large pair of boobs staring you in the face), and suggested Blowjobs instead. Here’s more proof of the financial savings… More potential family problems: And another… Drink usually features in most peoples Friday enjoyment – it certainly does at this establishment: You won’t have ... Read More »

Another Bubble Bursts…

Windcrop Call In Liquidators Job Losses Wind Turbines Finance renewables bankrupt bubble bursts scam wind turbine feed in tariffs MD John Moore insolvency

You may remember my post last year about the small wind turbine installation company Windcrop. After the main bulk of comments a few more trickled in, two from people who claimed to know something about the company. Then on Tuesday was this astonishing comment claiming to be from the MD, John Moore: It’s difficult to know how to respond to ... Read More »

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