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Friday Funnies by Microdave


This weeks Friday Funnies is the last before Christmas, and next Friday being Boxing Day, it may also be the last this year. As I’m always the unfortunate one who has to do all the driving, I certainly won’t be feeling “merry” like the rest of you fuckers, and probably won’t be in the mood for any posting next week, ... Read More »

Friday Funnies by Microdave

featured 1

Welcome to the final edition of Friday Funnies – at least for 2013! To start things off, here is an amusing entry from Cheerful Soul which could be entitled: “How many Cows?“ A farmer named Sam was overseeing his herd in a remote hilly pasture in Hereford when suddenly a brand-new BMW advanced toward him out of a cloud of ... Read More »

Friday Funnies by Microdave


Welcome to a bumper Christmas edition of Friday Funnies. Santa’s arrival is probably on many peoples minds, however that might depend on how old you are: I’ll be happy if it’s number 3… This is why: I’m dreaming of a relaxing holiday in Hawaii – where I can get “out of my depth” and call on the services of a ... Read More »

Christmas Gift Suggestions


I’ve been meaning to do a mid-week fill in of amusing stuff, and have just seen the ideal subject. There follows a selection of things you can buy for gifts which have more than one useful purpose. And with any luck you’ll get a larf or two out of them as well. The Coffee Mug Iron: Strikes me it could ... Read More »

Friday Funnies by Microdave

Cum Cum Hill

Welcome to another year – although I doubt that many of us are particularly enthused at the thought… Like many people, I’ve been removing the decorations, and I found this card from Gotty, which had fallen down the back of the sofa… I was hoping for a Christmas party with guests like these: Sadly I was disappointed, and it ended ... Read More »

Ask Saxon Agony Uncle

Ask Saxon Agony Uncle problems solved answer question medical advice alternative therapy treatment guidance life lessons funny i need help

Uncle Saxon’s post Christmas special Oh, my fucking aching head………. Dear Uncle Saxon This morning I awoke with an epic hangover. It felt as if an extended family of East European gypsies had taken up residence in my head. Can you suggest a sure-fire cure that also evicts gypsies? I don’t want to suffer like this again. Furthermore, the gypsies ... Read More »

Happy Christmas

happy christmas max farquar website blog merry christmas seasons greetings happy new year festive season boxing day turkey drink party lunch

Happy Christmas to all the readers of the Max Farquar website, my fellow authors and all those that have helped to contribute to the content of this site over the last year. Either through the comments you have made or the information and ideas you have submitted. I hope all of you, and your loved ones, have a peaceful and ... Read More »

I Hate My Job

I Hate My Job Creative Christmas Lights Video - Take a look at how this guy has set up these Christmas lights. Does he really hate his Job? Brighton

I wonder what the guy who puts up the Christmas lights for Brighton Council was thinking …. I hate my job. Especially at Christmas. Having to set up all those Christmas lights. Thousands of them. All over the town. Oh well, if I’ve got to do it then I suppose I might as well be creative … I hate my ... Read More »

Ask Saxon Agony Uncle Christmas Special

Ask Saxon Agony Uncle problems solved answer question medical advice alternative therapy treatment guidance life lessons funny i need help

Welcome to the Ask Saxon Agony Uncle Christmas Prostate Special! Ho, fucking, Ho! ‘Tis the season when a mature man’s thoughts turn to prostate health. Over the years I’ve often been asked about prostate health. Yet men are, in general, woefully ignorant about this small, but very important organ. Today, I’m about to remove the veil of ignorance that covers ... Read More »

Free Speech – Norwich Again…

Free Speech

Regular readers will know that freedom of speech is in short supply in Norwich. The Rev Alan Clifford is now persona non fucking grata , after upsetting the comrades at the Kremlin, or City Hall as I gather it’s known. That little incident lead to a recent march by the EDL, which was challenged by ” We Are Norwich”, who ... Read More »

Marks & Spencer Exploiting Children This Christmas

Marks & Spencer Christmas advert children seb white tv comercial down's syndrome exploitation cute kid child

Guest post by Ben Fellows Marks & Spencer exploits vulnerable children for profit this Christmas! Seb White aged 4, the new “star” of  the M&S Christmas TV campaign, began his adventure in July when his mother posted a message on the Marks & Spencer Facebook page. She asked why her little boy couldn’t be considered for their advert campaign just because he ... Read More »

Christmas Future

Let’s take a look into the Max Farquar crystal ball and see what Christmas future might be like in the UK and Europe. December 2019, to be precise. Will it still be the season to be jolly? Hmmm, it doesn’t look like it and I wouldn’t be surprised if this vision were to come true a little sooner. Oh dear. ... Read More »

Christmas Message

Sorted. I have returned from my annual ‘last minute man pilgrimage’ to the High Street shops.  This ritual did not pass without collecting a few scars, both mental and physical, but I have survived. Christmas … dontcha just lurv it, eh. Apart from the fact that it’s “all about the money” … Christmas, Xmas, Winter Festival or whatever else the ... Read More »

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