Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Another Banned Oscar Pistorius Advert

Banned Oscar Pistorius Advert - boneless chicken legs bullets cricket bat girlfriend murder photo shooting trial news humour funny image pictures kfc spoof

Anyone else sick and tired of the wall-t0-wall and floor-to-ceiling news coverage of that chicken leg sprinter’s murder trial? So, if the new bathroom door lock indicator didn’t raise a smile, then … perhaps another banned Oscar Pistorius advert will ;-) Read More »

South Africa Trial New Bathroom Door Lock

Oscar Pistorius Bathroom Door

  Tip of the hat to Cheerful Soul … or maybe that should be an Oscar ;-) . Read More »

Abu Qatada Court Jester

Read More »

JailBait Jonny ++ Updated ++

In an observation, totally unrelated to the news that Caroline Spelman MP tried to obtain a super injunction for her son, I see that Jonny Spelman appears to like Jailbait. “fucking love this” says the England U18 rugby player in a comment left on the Facebook page, back in August of last year. I hardly think that was the reason ... Read More »

Blair Reacts To Saif al Islam Arrest

Unconfirmed photo of Saif al Islam arrest HERE and it looks like he has already had his ‘fingers burned’ badly. And he’s not going to be the only one, if the arrest is confirmed. I really do hope that Gaddafi’s son makes it to trial in The Hague. If he does, and Tony Blair’s underworld contacts don’t get to Saif ... Read More »

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