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Friday Funnies by Microdave


It’s Friday, and time for more Funnies. It’s also that time of year: To discourage the “Trick or Treaters”I’m thinking of printing it out to hang across the drive. Here’s another way: There’s now a UK version of Storage Hunters on TV. How long before they come across a container full of illegal immigrants? Politics doesn’t often raise a larf, ... Read More »

Open Thread 13-10-2014

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

This weeks Open Thread. I’m going to throw this one in to get things rolling: It was posted at Watts Up with That And Caratcus has been attempting to emulate Max’s Photoshop skills: More like the size of his “Little White Lies”… Read More »

Clowns Are The Pegs On Which The Whole Circus Is Hung

Juncker EU ringmaster bread and circuses clowns Cameron Clegg Miliband elephant in the room EUSSR No2EU unelected dictatorship referendum funny image poster definition quotes sayings

Roll up! Roll up! The Juncker EU Circus is in town. Led by the unelected Ringmaster himself. Definition Of Bread and Circuses A phrase used to describe the creation of public approval by politicians. Not through exemplary or excellent public service but through diversion; distraction; or the mere satisfaction of the immediate, shallow requirements of the population that voted for them. ... Read More »

Show Us Yer Tatt Dave

Star Of David Cameron Tattoo member Jewish Westminster Synagogue coleman experience circumcised christian cock up Danny Finkelstein religion showing tattoo

David Cameron is a regular attendee of the Westminster Synagogue. That’s because David is Jewish. No shadow of a doubt about it. Don’t believe us? Well unfortunately, the real proof can only be found in the most unsavoury of places. Right hgh vitamins inside Dave’s crumpled, dirty, old y-fronts. There, where no human being would dare to tread, is proof ... Read More »

About That Bring Back Our Girls Hashtag

Michelle Obama David Cameron Bring Back Our Girls #bringbackourgirls sign hashtag twitter nigerian schoolgirls children westminster paedophile ring paedo downing street senior minister drone strikes killed funny image humour

Those of you that don’t do Twitter won’t have seen the Bring Back Our Girls hashtag that’s doing the rounds at the moment. Or #bringbackourgirls as the Twitterati would notate it. Spurned by the kidnapping of more than 250 Nigerian school girls the mortally offended (that’s the ‘jump on the bandwagon brigade’ to you and me) have been publishing photos ... Read More »

Alternative Conservative Poster For European Elections 2014

Alternative, Conservative, Poster, campaign, European Elections, 2014,Template, EU, EUSSR, #No2EU, UKIP, Tory Party, broken promises, referendum, 2017, MEP, funny, image, photo, picture, spoof,

Oooo look. It’s the new Conservative Poster for the European Elections on the 22nd May. Possibly ;-)   Click on poster to enlarge. The original Conservative poster can be found Buy Xanax here … and if you fancy having a go at mocking the Tory Party EU Campaign yourself, then here is a handy template to help get you started ... Read More »

Open Letter To David Cameron

westminster paedophile ring david cameron ken clarke ben fellows hunger strike operation fernbridge arrest carlton tv open letter cyril smith cook savile

Dear Prime Minister I very much hope you are enjoying your family holiday in Lanzarote. I am also in Lanzarote but for other reasons which will become clear. I am writing to you now regarding a most serious matter concerning that of an institutional paedophile ring operating in Westminster politics and my own allegations which involve Cabinet Minister The Right ... Read More »



I often refer to Richard North and less so to Autonomous Mind for their sterling efforts in exposing media bias and outright lies. Both are usually to be found giving the likes of the Telegraph and the Mail a good kicking, but I intend to lower the tone and do the same with a “Down Market Tabloid” – namely the ... Read More »

Open Thread 07/10/2013

Here you go, another Open Thread for general discussion. Why not give your views on the announcement by Adam Afriyie that he intends to try and force a Referendum on EU membership before the end on this parliament. It’s apparently enraged David Cameron, but that’s not surprising, as he doesn’t really want to give us to leave anyway. The chances ... Read More »

Censoring Internet For Children : Never Trust A Politican

Censoring Internet For Children David Cameron U Turn Porn Edward Timpson MP Letter Porn Filters ISP indecent content parental control opt in illegal images

You’ve probably all been wondering where the fuck that Grumpy Old Twat has been hiding. None of your fucking business but if I told you the truth, you probably won’t believe me. Suffice it to say I really do have to watch my blood pressure … or the doctor will rip me yet another new one. However, the announcement this ... Read More »

Friday Funnies by Microdave


I’m going to start off Friday Funnies with a mention of one blog I follow – “Witterings From Witney” run by David Phipps.  How he manages to do so much research into things EU and politics in general, I don’t know. He also has the dubious honour of being one of David Camoron’s constituents, and has pissed off our favourite ... Read More »

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