Friday, September 18, 2015
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Friday Funnies by Microdave


To start Friday Funnies this week, here is a simple questionnaire: Whilst “The Fappenning” rattles on, the small matter of security seems appropriate… I wonder if my bank will let me access my account so easily?   Little Johnny was sitting in class doing maths problems when his teacher picked him to answer a question.“Johnny, if there were five birds ... Read More »

OK Ed Look Natural No Look Natural Ed

OK Look natural Ed no Look Natural Ed Miliband vine video andy warhol poster scary weird funny image pop art labour party leader fuck off beaker face smile

In case you haven’t already seen it here is that looping (or should that be looning) Vine video ‘Look Natural Ed’. Where Ed Miliband gives us his most scariest and weirdest facial contortions yet. The sound is a MUST so please click the speaker icon to activate it : So … I thought a few clips from that would make ... Read More »

Friday Funnies by Microdave

Friday Funnies funny signs cum success condom stutter revealing photoshop mall boobs gif pissing statue animation advertising fail street sign image photos

Sorry if this edition of Friday Funnies is rather under par, but once again, life has got in the way, and I’m trying to rush it… Lots of signs and advertising this week. The answer to all our prayers: But it could be tricky if you….. Look before you try and escape: Or you could always get maintenance to look ... Read More »

Student Arrested For Burping

Student Arrested

Hi Max, It has to be said that the current news about corrupt and deviant politicos et al seems to be bloody relentless of late, so , for a change, here’s an example of how America is clamping down on errant behaviour in the young … Student Arrested For Burping . I’ve heard it said that Britain is only a year or ... Read More »

The Cradle Of Civilisation

New Fuel Tanker Signage sign writing Diesel Fuel in Arabic No Smoking in Arabic Qatar Funny image picture lorry sign fail words fail me wtf

A new fuel tanker was due to be delivered in the country of Qatar . So, the newly appointed American transport manager called the Qatari supervisor, to give him instructions, to ensure that the fuel tanker is clearly marked with the following two signs: Diesel Fuel in Arabic No Smoking in Arabic A few days later the fuel tanker was ... Read More »

Local Newspaper Fail

We all love a local newspaper fail, don’t we? You know … those typos and errors that appear in the stories of your local free paper when the reporter, come typesetter, come paste-up artist, come editor just doesn’t seem to have enough time to proof read the copy properly, before the pages go to press. As long as all the ... Read More »

People in Glass Houses

Last night, about half way down the Daily Mail Online front page, was this story : Typo gaffe in multi-million pound ad campaign to promote Britain When you’re rolling out an international ad campaign costing £25m, you had best check for typos …   However, slightly further down the same page, we see this : Adrian Bennett, spent £1,200 and ... Read More »

Microdave’s Friday Funnies

My sister’s new boiler is up and running,  so I can’t use that as an excuse this week… I’m going to start off with quite the most extraordinary thing I’ve seen for ages, C/O The Waspsnest.  Knowing the proliferation of  CCTV cameras you might think that taking a dump in a supermarket isn’t a sensible thing to do. However you ... Read More »


Ed Miliband Wanker

Following hot on the heels of the now infamous Diane Abbott racist tweet, it now seems that her constantly beleaguered leader of the Labour Party, Ed Miliband, has decided to join in with some twitter twattery of his own. In an attempt to mark the sad death of former Blockbusters TV quiz host, Bob Holness, silly Mili put out this ... Read More »

Microdave’s Friday Funnies

This is doing the rounds at the moment, so apologies if you have already seen it: It was the famous actor Clint Eastwood’s birthday last week and to celebrate a few of his friends got together and organised a sky writer plane to put a message above the Hollywood sign. It doesn’t look as if it worked out the way ... Read More »

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