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Friday Funnies by Microdave


At last – we’ve been able to recruit a new editor, so the splelling misteaks shouldn’t occur again. Firstly, I have to read the riot act: I’m pleased that Caratacus liked the exploding grenade in last weeks Funnies, but before anyone makes sexist complaints about that clip and subsequent comments, please note that even blokes can make fools of themselves… ... Read More »

Microdave’s Friday Funnies

plan ahead

I’ll start off by referring to James Higham’s comment last week – Microdave – chastise me, chastise me! He’s probably hoping for something like this: Unfortunately I’m not blonde, nor do I have a body like that – not that I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one…. However, be careful what you wish for, James. It could backfire… If ... Read More »

Chelsea Tractors

Just a quickie, but have you seen this hilarious picture of a Chelsea Tractor in the Mail today?   Far be it for me to slag off a British product (even when it is owned by BMW), but I’ll bet the PR dept at Solihull are keeping a low profile at the moment. Unfortunately “low profile” is part of the ... Read More »

Microdave’s Friday Funnies

Here we are once again, and I apologise on behalf of Max for a lack of posting this last week. Unfortunately he’s had rather a lot on his plate – and not the roast beef and veg sort, either. Hopefully it won’t be long before normal service is resumed. The “Stoolbus” got several comments last time round – It could ... Read More »

Microdave’s Friday Funnies

      How many of you fell for that???   I bloody well did… Just to rub it in, here’s a little English lesson which many would do well to remember before posting:   Max informs me that the “tech” issue has been fixed, so this should be OK: Does My Bum Look Big In This? Here’s one that does: If ... Read More »

Microdave’s Friday Funnies ++Updated++

The subject of Real or Fake was raised in the comments of Max’s “Old School Photo Fail” post earlier this week. It concerned the age old prank of “Mooning”. I found this on my trawls through the web, and wonder which category it falls under? It seems to me a highly (sic) risky way of showing off, or perhaps the ... Read More »

Microdave’s Friday Funnies

My sister’s new boiler is up and running,  so I can’t use that as an excuse this week… I’m going to start off with quite the most extraordinary thing I’ve seen for ages, C/O The Waspsnest.  Knowing the proliferation of  CCTV cameras you might think that taking a dump in a supermarket isn’t a sensible thing to do. However you ... Read More »

Microdave’s Friday Funnies

Sorry for the break last week – I spent most of the day trying to make emergency repairs to my sisters leaky central heating boiler.  Unfortunately I had to admit defeat, but not for want of trying… I’ve made some New Years Resolutions: 1. Stop making lists. B. Be more consistent. 7. Learn to count. I also thought it would ... Read More »

Microdave’s Friday Funnies

Bah Humbug – it’s that time of year …… again!  I’m one of those miserable bastards who wish we could just hide until it’s all over… Let’s start off with a Baaaaad Santa – I suspect my eyes would be paying more than a cursory glance if it was me in the red suit… It could be Kevin “Bloody” Wilson’s ... Read More »

Microdave’s Friday Funnies

After my challenge last week, Joe Public claims to be too busy to knock up a post of his own – it seems that’s because he’s been supplying Max with pictures of burning (and fallen) bird choppers! He did manage to offer up this, but despite staring at it for ages I can’t get the forest to show… George Silver ... Read More »

Microdave’s Friday Funnies

Anyone of a “certain age” will be familiar with the dreadful translations of (typically)  Japanese into English that used to make reading instruction manuals hard work. This is largely a thing of the past, but sometimes howlers still get through. The first snippet today is not from my trawls round the web, but from the glovebox of mothers old Fiat ... Read More »

Microdave’s Friday Funnies

There are a multitude of “Little Johnny” jokes doing the rounds, here’s one to start things off,  courtesy of Joe Public. A teacher asked her third grade class to name things that ended with “tor” that ate things. The first little boy said, “Alligator.” “Very good James, that’s a big word.” The second boy said, “Predator.” “Yes, that’s another big ... Read More »

Charities …

I saw a news clipping the other day warning about hard times ahead for the voluntary sector. “If Voluntary Norfolk didn’t exist then we in the public sector would have to re-invent it” “Public Sector”  –  Excuse me???  Why should the public sector have anything to do with a “Charity”?  I thought I would do some investigation, starting at the ... Read More »

Microdave’s Friday Funnies

A topical clip to start with, although Max probably won’t see the funny side… Of course Apple have moved on since that sketch was made… Do you ever get tired of people boasting about their latest extra-large TV? Here’s one guy showing off his 60″ monitor: Remember all the fuss about that American pastor who “burned” copies of a certain ... Read More »

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