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Another Vote UKIP Poster – Hard-hitting Reality

Another Vote UKIP Poster Only Slightly Sexist And Not Racist - immigration EU European Union MEP election 22nd May Nigel Farage spoof funny image advert

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter Cute Kitten and Easter Bunny How Sweet - fluffy rabbit hoppy easter monday wording funny image photo picture bank holiday nature eggs sweet cat

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Maria Miller Resigns After Expenses Wonga.Con Loan

Maria Miller Resigns After Expenses Wonga.Con Loan - see the advert funny image photo tory pressure pmqs 1922 committee cameron thieves all in it together

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Rennie Police Fed Truth Free Mints

Ian Rennie Resigns Police Federation Truth Free Plebgate Tablets spoof funny advert image photo chairman general secretary quit conference report change

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David Cameron Twitter Mug

David Cameron Twitter Mug twatter #pmqs muppets ed miliband ed balls gold questions royal mail broken promises social media funny image photo picture pic

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Flight MH370 Cockpit Voice Recorder

Flight MH370 Black Box Cockpit Voice Recorder Last Communication New Account of Last Words Malaysia pilot co pilot found indian ocean key plane funny image

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Another Banned Oscar Pistorius Advert

Banned Oscar Pistorius Advert - boneless chicken legs bullets cricket bat girlfriend murder photo shooting trial news humour funny image pictures kfc spoof

Anyone else sick and tired of the wall-t0-wall and floor-to-ceiling news coverage of that chicken leg sprinter’s murder trial? So, if the new bathroom door lock indicator didn’t raise a smile, then … perhaps another banned Oscar Pistorius advert will ;-) Read More »

South Africa Trial New Bathroom Door Lock

Oscar Pistorius Bathroom Door

  Tip of the hat to Cheerful Soul … or maybe that should be an Oscar ;-) . Read More »

Friday Funnies by Microdave


Welcome to Friday Funnies once more. I told my office junior that I’d promote her if she gave me a blow job. She did, so I wrote: “Nadine gives great head” on the wall in the gent’s. I’m trying to remember why I hired her in the first place… “Breaking News” – the BBC has got a sense of humour: ... Read More »

MP Portraits Sold To Cling Film Manufacturer

MP Portraits Sold To Cling Film Manufacturer diane abbott tony blair john bercow ken clarke william hague tony benn £250,000 taxpayers money funny image pic

I think we can file this one under ‘there is always a positive side to everything’ ;-) Following the recent news that our beloved parliamentarians have blown £250,000 of taxpayers’ money on MP portraits, a well-know national cling film manufacturer has now secured all the copyrights. A spokesman for the The Parliamentary Art Collection refused to disclose how much the portraits were ... Read More »

Ariel Sharon Limited Edition

Ariel Sharon Dead After 8 Years In Coma Limited Edition image bulldozer palestinians israel prime minister stroke war statesman funeral general career 1948 funny humor

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Facebook Privacy

facebook privacy personal info sensitive information how to delete account that can fuck right off funny image problems secrecy adverts selling poster vintage

First up in a new series. Possibly. Today we’re focussing on social media, Facebook in particular. Do you ever think what happens to all that sensitive information that you keep posting about yourself? And have you ever tried to delete your Facebook account? Facebook privacy and policy changes … that can fuck right off! Read More »

Alternative Twelve Days Of Christmas Lyrics

Alternative Twelve Days Of Christmas Lyrics - On the first day of christmas song words funny humour politics meaning modern day version poverty green gifts

Time to wheel out all those traditional Christmas songs. Deep Joy. But hey! Isn’t it about time that there was a more modern and alternative version of The Twelve Days Of Christmas lyrics? I hear you ask. Someone? Anyone? Ah well. Fuck it. After some red wine fuelled inspiration I’ve come up with my own updated version. So … whether ... Read More »

Christmas Gift Suggestions


I’ve been meaning to do a mid-week fill in of amusing stuff, and have just seen the ideal subject. There follows a selection of things you can buy for gifts which have more than one useful purpose. And with any luck you’ll get a larf or two out of them as well. The Coffee Mug Iron: Strikes me it could ... Read More »

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