Saturday, August 22, 2015
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About That David Cameron Europe Speech

David Cameron Europe Speech - Summary European Renegotiation delayed planned prime minister UK Britain EU referendum Eurozone EUSSR withdrawal lies spin

The long-awaited David Cameron Europe Speech been described by some as “one that we’ve been waiting a long time for any prime minister to deliver”. Hmm, not be me. Obviously. As for long-awaited … well … I don’t mean as in anticipation. Obviously. It’s more due to the fact that David Cameron’s general incompetence meant his first planned date to ... Read More »

Benefits Of Being A Member Of The European Union

I just thought I’d re-affirm my humble opinion of the benefits that The European Union¬† brings to everyone in the UK, by giving this video another airing. At this point I should probably tell you that it is definitely not safe for work, which is appropriate. Seeing as the EU is most certainly not safe either, especially as far as ... Read More »

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