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Alternative Conservative Poster For European Elections 2014

Alternative, Conservative, Poster, campaign, European Elections, 2014,Template, EU, EUSSR, #No2EU, UKIP, Tory Party, broken promises, referendum, 2017, MEP, funny, image, photo, picture, spoof,

Oooo look. It’s the new Conservative Poster for the European Elections on the 22nd May. Possibly ;-)   Click on poster to enlarge. The original Conservative poster can be found Buy Xanax here … and if you fancy having a go at mocking the Tory Party EU Campaign yourself, then here is a handy template to help get you started ... Read More »

A Glimmer Of Hope

featured AnInconvenient Truth

I case any of you wondered, I am not (and never likely to be) a parent. There are many good and bad aspects to this, but one I don’t have any qualms about is bringing children up in the society we have now. The free and easy childhood most of us can remember is gone, unlikely to return. Instead it’s ... Read More »

How Much Are Chris Huhne And Vicky Pryce Costing The Taxpayer

How Much Are Chris Huhne And Vicky Pryce Costing Taxpayer During Prison Sentence - prison term annual costs inmate Holloway Wandsworth Leyhill East Sutton

Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce were both found guilty of perverting the course of justice back in March. Apparently Chris Huhne lied [no surprise there then, he’s a politician FFS] about claims that Vicky Pryce had been driving her ex-husband’s BMW when it was caught, on camera, exceeding the speed limit. Were you one of the many, including me, that ... Read More »

Chris Huhne Mockery

Chris Huhne Penalty Points Perjury Jail Sentence guilty speeding avoidance lies vicky pryce 10 years prison jail mp resigns by election eastleigh lies lair

Many thanks to Street Worm for sending in this excellent piece of Chris Huhne photoshop mockery … with apologies to Stephen King : The gift that keeps on giving. More Chris Huhne mockery, motoring or otherwise, is available here, here, here, here and here. Incidentally, the maximum sentence for perverting the course of justice is life imprisonment. However, the normal prison ... Read More »

Friday Funnies by Microdave

God's Favorite Word

I’m starting off with a quick plug today – the first item is from Witterings from Witney, who does a sterling job of uncovering the lies and deceit spouted by our politicians. He also doesn’t think much of the press, and you’ll see why in this screen shot: Hopefully most MF readers are old enough to know that a Spitfire ... Read More »

A Met Office Worker Writes

Met Office DECC CRU UEA BBC Gravy Train Heads For The Buffers - Global Warming science research grants broadcasting university confirmed scare stories data

Hi Max. I’d be obliged if you would post this “Cri du coeur”  from “a reader who prefers to remain anonymous” . My family is facing destitution, and I seek advice from your readers, or, Agony Uncle Saxon. Various of my relations are employed by the Met Office, DECC, CRU-UEA & the BBC. For years they’ve enjoyed a comfortable living creating ... Read More »

Elder Abuse By Social Services And The Police

Elder Abuse York Social Services and North Yorkshire Police official corruption hounded from home Jane Kenyon Abuse Of Grandma B Lord Maginnis of Drumglass

Guest post by Peter Hofschröer When one hears stories of elder abuse, one immediately thinks of residents of old people’s homes being beaten by badly paid, poorly trained and stressed out carers, who cannot cope with the job. Unpleasant though this may be, one can understand what the restraints of an underfunded care system can lead to. Then we get to ... Read More »

BBC Reporting Bias Denied

BBC reporting bias claims after leaked map reveals location of Middle East BBC News Headquarters. Biased Gaza Israel Hamas propaganda fighting jews arabs

Further claims of BBC reporting bias have been made today after a leaked map has revealed the location of their new Middle East BBC News Headquarters. When asked if it confirmed the BBC reporting bias towards Gaza, over Israel, during the current conflict a Hamas BBC spokesman said “That’s just blatant propaganda being broadcast by the IBA. It’s a disgrace! ... Read More »

Biased BBC

Biased BBC lies spin news deniers publicly funded propaganda left wing global warming

I’m sure you’re all familiar with another one of Max’s interests. Our national broadcaster has, unfortunately gained a bit of a reputation for one sided output. It wasn’t always that way, and for many years the Beeb (and in particular the World Service) was trusted to provide the truth. When I started listening to shortwave radio in the early 80’s ... Read More »

One Nation

one nation ed miliband meme spoof photoshop poster machination tory labour libdem EU EUSSR broken britain party politics we are so fucked government control

I knocked up this spoof poster a couple of days ago, when the One Nation Miliband meme was topical, However, due to a real life emergency  I was unable to actually post it on here. Seems a shame to let a piece of Max Farquar photoshop mockery go to waste … just because it’s a tad out of date but ... Read More »

Did You Know

That it’s Climate Week? I’ll bet you didn’t – neither did I until I saw it mentioned in this post at John Shade’s “Climate Lessons” blog.  Just look at some of the well known people who are backing the campaign: Political leaders The Prime Minister, David Cameron The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg The First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond ... Read More »

No Need For An EU Referendum

scary ventriloquist dummy Herman Van Rompuy David Cameron EU EUSSR lisbon treaty

Many of us in the blogosphere have suspected, for a long time, that the Lisbon Treaty was self perpetuating. No need for Herman Van Rompuy, and the rest of his autotechnocrats, to require anything as trivial as an EU referendum should they desire to radically alter the European Union ‘ground rules’. So, as the Eurozone crisis deepens, amid what seems ... Read More »

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