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Clowns Are The Pegs On Which The Whole Circus Is Hung

Juncker EU ringmaster bread and circuses clowns Cameron Clegg Miliband elephant in the room EUSSR No2EU unelected dictatorship referendum funny image poster definition quotes sayings

Roll up! Roll up! The Juncker EU Circus is in town. Led by the unelected Ringmaster himself. Definition Of Bread and Circuses A phrase used to describe the creation of public approval by politicians. Not through exemplary or excellent public service but through diversion; distraction; or the mere satisfaction of the immediate, shallow requirements of the population that voted for them. ... Read More »

A Random Mad Men Poster Or Three

mad men poster favourite quotes funny 60's don draper mad men nostalgia posters quotes season 6 smoking drinking photoshop david cameron nick clegg gordon brown tony blair margaret thatcher peter mandelson ed miliband ed balls bob crow top quotes

I’m not an avid watcher of Mad Men but I rather enjoy the occasional escapism of the 60’s nostalgia TV Series. It’s about an advertising agency on Madison Avenue. I like it’s total ignorance of all things PC. Not to mention all that heavy drinking and smoking. Most of all though* the quotes and one-liners, by the cast of Mad ... Read More »

And the ‘Best Picture’ Oscar goes to….

Arsehole Oscar

A Guest post by Dioclese “Arsehole” is the story of an ambitious but naive politician who is suddenly thrust into the spotlight. It tells the true story of the rise to fame of Nick Clegg, leader of the Limp Dumps. His party has not been in power for almost a century so Nick knows that he can spout the most ... Read More »

I Agree With The Lib Dems..


Agree with the Lib Dems? – No, I haven’t completely taken leave of my senses, just that attempts to build a massive database of our online lives are still festering: New laws allowing the police and security services to monitor emails and internet use could end up costing households £500 each, Liberal Democrats have claimed. Advocates say the measures will help the ... Read More »

Nick Clegg Photoshop Caption Fun

Nick Clegg Photoshop Caption Fun two Face Batman mash up mockery liar liar broken promises lib dem funny image spineless coalition ollie lister deviant art

First of all a quick word of thanks to those of you that have been using the Max Farquar contact form. I’ve had many great suggestions, guests posts and general comments and feedback. Keep ’em coming! I also love seeing the photoshop mockery images that I get sent from time to time. Here’s a message that I recently received from ... Read More »

How Did That Happen

Cow Stuck In Electricity Pylon

In the modern era of ‘the photoshop’, it’s very hard to believe that some of those ‘how did they manage to do that’ photographs … are actually real. They’re all over the internet these days and, although they often make oi larf, I can’t help thinking that a high percentage of them are just … fake. Now, although I’m fairly ... Read More »

He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother

ed miliband down's syndrome david miliband rapist brothers funny image spoof photo

On second thoughts, maybe ‘he ain’t no political heavyweight, he’s my brother’ would have been a more accurate title for this post. Either way, here’s an exclusive Max Farquar photo of Ed and David Miliband arriving for the Labour Party Conference in Manchester : No doubt, the politically lightweight Leader of the Opposition, Ed Miliband, will be putting on his ... Read More »

Nick Clegg Quotes Of The Day

Nick Clegg Quotes LibDem Conference Brighton 2012 keynote closing speech constituencies leader liberal democratic party deputy prime minister transcript

Here’s a couple of Nick Clegg quotes. The first one perfectly sums up the wishy-washy and fickle character of the Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister. The second one is from the Cleggeron’s closing keynote speech at the LibDem Party Conference in Brighton … where he finally seems to realise, what the voting public really think of his pathetic ... Read More »


In a joint appearance, ahead of the Queen’s Speech tomorrow, David Cameron and Nick Clegg confirmed their coalition marriage vows today. In a tractor factory. Gordon would be proud … Read More »

Turning Japanese I Think I’m Turning Japanese

David Cameron goes all out to impress Japanese Prime Minister, Yoshihiko Noda, whilst touting for UK weapons deals under the guise of ‘banging the drum for British business in Japan’. Meanwhile … Kamikaze Clegg is in hot water after attempting a u-turn on the government internet snooping legislation. During his  ‘Made In Japan’ tour flight, Camerwong is reported to have ... Read More »

Nick Clegg Drops The C Bomb

During an interview with Nick Robinson, for the BBC, Nick Clegg drops the C bomb whilst launching yet another scheme for out of work teenagers. Mind you, you have to admire his professionalism in front of the camera. Not a beat was missed as Nick Clegg calls unemployed 18 to 24 year olds, c*nts. I dare say the feeling is ... Read More »

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