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Open Thread 13-10-2014

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

This weeks Open Thread. I’m going to throw this one in to get things rolling: It was posted at Watts Up with That And Caratcus has been attempting to emulate Max’s Photoshop skills: More like the size of his “Little White Lies”… Read More »

Friday Funnies by Microdave


Back again. To start with here’s one for Leggy & Bucko: I’ve been trying to convince Wiggy that you have to induce a voltage before you will get current flowing. If only there was a nice, simple, picture like this one to help: Sorry, Wiggy, but I just couldn’t resist… The above post was obviously made by an ammeter This ... Read More »

Friday Funnies by Microdave


Welcome to Friday Funnies. The good news is that Nigel Evans has been cleared of all charges at Preston Crown Court of buggering young men. The bad news is that he can now re-enter Parliament and continue buggering the country. In response, this Dutch restaurant is considering setting up a franchise in the HOC… From the reports of “Dirty Deeds” ... Read More »

The Only Answer: Self-Government


Apologies for the site downtime over the last 24 hours or so – apparently the hosts tried to move the server, but chose to wrap it in brown paper and send it through the post… Some of you may remember that regular commenter “Earwig” promised to submit his ideas for alternative government. Well here they are: The Only Answer: Self-Government ... Read More »

Open Thread 03/02/2014

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

This weeks Open Thread for your discussions. You might like to read this story mentioned by “Dazed & Confused” about the political crisis engulfing the Green Party  in Brighton and Hove. Quite what improvement would occur if the writers own Labour group took over is another matter… Read More »

Open Thread 13/01/14 – Updated

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

This weeks Open Thread. Update:  Joe Public sent in a suggestion for discussion today, which ought to raise a few hackles – click for linky MPs splash out £250,000 of public money on vanity portraits Here’s one of our most loved & hard working members of parliament: Once you’ve recovered your composure, and cleaned the keyboard and screen, a visit ... Read More »

Open Thread 30/12/13

Max-Farquar-Website-Featured-Image Open Thread

The last Open Thread of 2013. Do you think Camermong will back down in the face of a mini rebellion from the Conservative Grassroots group, and extend the border controls on Romanian & Bulgarian until after the referendum? – That’s assuming we ever GET a referendum…. Read More »

Alternative Twelve Days Of Christmas Lyrics

Alternative Twelve Days Of Christmas Lyrics - On the first day of christmas song words funny humour politics meaning modern day version poverty green gifts

Time to wheel out all those traditional Christmas songs. Deep Joy. But hey! Isn’t it about time that there was a more modern and alternative version of The Twelve Days Of Christmas lyrics? I hear you ask. Someone? Anyone? Ah well. Fuck it. After some red wine fuelled inspiration I’ve come up with my own updated version. So … whether ... Read More »

A Glimmer Of Hope

featured AnInconvenient Truth

I case any of you wondered, I am not (and never likely to be) a parent. There are many good and bad aspects to this, but one I don’t have any qualms about is bringing children up in the society we have now. The free and easy childhood most of us can remember is gone, unlikely to return. Instead it’s ... Read More »

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