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About That Bring Back Our Girls Hashtag

Michelle Obama David Cameron Bring Back Our Girls #bringbackourgirls sign hashtag twitter nigerian schoolgirls children westminster paedophile ring paedo downing street senior minister drone strikes killed funny image humour

Those of you that don’t do Twitter won’t have seen the Bring Back Our Girls hashtag that’s doing the rounds at the moment. Or #bringbackourgirls as the Twitterati would notate it. Spurned by the kidnapping of more than 250 Nigerian school girls the mortally offended (that’s the ‘jump on the bandwagon brigade’ to you and me) have been publishing photos ... Read More »

About That Max Clifford Prison Sentence of 8 Years

About that Max Clifford Prison Sentence - Operation Yewtree Paedo Politicians celebrities jimmy savile boys girls sexual abuse bbc jail arrests charged stephen fry twitter

So, Judge Anthony Leonard QC has determined the Max Clifford prison sentence will be a total of 8 years*. Although he is the first padeophile to be imprisoned as a result of the Jimmy Savile inspired Operation Yewtree, it’s hardly a serious punishment for the sleazy, untouchable, PR guru with a penchant for sexually abusing young girls. Having a small penis ... Read More »

Ben Cowburn Comedian Tribute

Ben Cowburn Comedian Tribute by Stephen K Amos gay TV comic celebrity twitter tweet suicide tragic death raped mr x groomed stylist sexual abuse overdose

I’m not a regular reader of the Daily Mail Online obvs (as the text speak youth of today would say) but I did happen across a headline which read “TV Comic Groomed Tragic Overdose Teenager”. Initially I assumed the splash was some new angle on Michael Barrymore and the pool boy. No. The headline actually referred to 18 year old ... Read More »

My Fuck Off List

My Fuck Off List - Who Would You Like To See On Your Fuck Off List. Politicians celebrities sports bloggers tweeters new old media multiple fake accounts

Originally I was going to go with the post title of ‘Quote Of The Day’ but I thought ‘My Fuck Off List’ was far more intriguing and to the point. It says what it does on the tin … kinda thing. Either way, here is the quote in question : Fuck being nice. Fuck being articulate. Fuck worrying about how ... Read More »

About That Sarah Millican

Sarah Millican Live - Unfunny Stand Up Comedy. Twitter dvd cover poster tour funny image bbc tv programme series miranda hart millicunt never off the telly

I was just browsing that Twitter thingy and noticed that Sarah Millican was trending. Eh? Had she actually said something funny or had she announced that there was one BBC programme that she wasn’t actually appearing on? Nope. She was just trying to plug her Sarah Millican Live tour. However it appears that I’m not the only one that finds ... Read More »

Happy New Year

happy new year predictions wordle free speech internet social media censorship control

Happy New Year to all our readers and contributors! I shan’t be making any Max Farquar Happy New Year predictions again this year due to the fact that the ones I made last year still seem set to be reality over the next few years. However, just for fun, I thought I’d have a go at one of those Wordle ... Read More »

Ben Fellows Ken Clarke Allegations Redux

Ben Fellows Ken Clarke Police Statement

I thought I’d bring you up-to-date with the Ben Fellows Ken Clarke allegations, following Ben’s article ‘Freedom Of The Press Threatened By Cabinet Minister Ken Clarke‘ which was originally posted on the Max Farquar website 5 weeks ago. In that article Ben Fellows alleged that ‘Ken Clarke touched my penis over my trousers‘. Despite legal threats to other websites, from the ... Read More »

Strictly Come Dancing Results Spoiler

Strictly Come Dancing Results Spoiler 2012 show BBC SCD bottom two dance off #SCD leaving this week eliminated voted off going twitter votes

I was in two minds whether to post the Strictly Come Dancing results spoiler this week … or not. I’m easily bored you see. I hate predictability. I’m bored with a programme that I don’t even watch. I hate how predictable all the SCD devotees are on a Saturday night. Desperate to find out the results before the Saturday night ... Read More »

Scallywag Magazine Front Cover

Scallywag Magazine Front Cover Issue 22 1994 original black & white scan image photo featuring Tory Gays Lord McAlpine lost pages paedophile twitter lawyer

Well, well. Look what’s turned up. A black and white copy of an original Scallywag Magazine front cover. Issue 22 dated 1994, to be precise. Looks like there are some interesting articles in this issue. “We expose the racism behind the Tory gays” and an exclusive about Lord McAlpine. Although it’s unclear which Lord McAlpine they are referring to. Obviously ... Read More »

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