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What They Say About Max Farquar

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Often the injuncted blag to their friends (Helen Wood said this on her BBC Radio 5 interview) and information gets to the likes of Private Eye, Guido Fawkes, Max Farquar, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger, Facebook, Yahoo Answers and some of the more obscure forums like caughtoffside.com.
#Superinjunction blog

A twat with little important to say but he has the right to say it.
David Mayne

A simple Google search reveals the viciousness of the jeering crowd online. One blogger, calling himself Max Farquar, brands Marr a ‘cunt’ and posts a grotesque photo of the BBC man, with a cauliflower for a nose. Clearly on a roll, Farquar writes, “I mean, what woman, in their right mind, would want anyone else to know that they had been ‘bobbing up and down’ on this?
Antonia BlandThe First Post

Ms. Raccoon, just thought I’d mention that the gentlelman known as Max Farquar (and afka “The Grumpy Old Twat”) has had his latest blog taken down: http://www.maxfarquar.com. Can’t find any info on the situation from the usual suspects. It was no more seditious than a lot of others, although it’s fair to say the language was utterly appalling …
Not a SpongerComment @13:14

I was going to ask about Max but George Silver’s got there already. What’s he done? Or should I ask what’s he done this time?
Angry ExileComment @11:38

I often think that the blogosphere is the real opposition to the Political Class, the Criminal Class and the European Union. It is really immense and punchy and frankly much more interesting than the the mainstream media (MSM). Almost everything is exposed on the blogosphere and one visit to a blog such as Max Farquar demonstrates that nobody is safe …
BryboyVictor Meldrew’s Brother

What I cannot understand is why this video is so popular amongst the libertarian/political/lawful rebellion/anarchist portion of the strangely named blogosphere. Perhaps I’m missing the point and I don’t know who Max Farquar really is and if I did this video might make more sense to me. To me all it is doing is preaching to the converted …
WilliamMax Who?

@MaxFarquar Tell you what – let me ask ask a few people who are computer brills – which I’m not, to trace you. Come on brill computer people track him down – he is not what he seems and from previous comments I’ve read they are saying people are being paid to back the T… nope can’t say it too many people have lost their lifes and too many more will because of them – the truth needs to be known – and the shallow people who accept payment to tell lies should also be known …
MissDumyatComment @ Ed Miliband These Strikes Are Wrong

Not funny, very not fucking funny. I have always enjoyed MF until today even if I only agree with about 25% of it….but this is not funny, this is just plain nasty, unpleasant and unnecessary …
Michael WalkerComment @07:18

There are a great many people who would agree with your basic message but is it necessary to use foul language to get it across? There are dozens of people to whom I just would not send this because it would offend them …
Edward SpaltonComment @07:43

Max, you old bastard! You’ve ruined yet another keyboard :-(
ampersandtaycomment on YouTube

Kerlen’s conviction gained attention on Friday, when blogger Max Farquar wrote about it. Among the high-profile U.K. Twitter users weighing in with criticism of Kerlen’s conviction are Stephen Fry, actor Simon Pegg, and comedy writer Graham Linehan.


  1. Antonia Bland (whoever she is) does have a valid point, Max. You should have prefixed “cunt” with “Leftie, internationalist, hypocritical” to be more accurate.

  2. I’ll add mine “Max, you’re the Man!”

  3. Wow! Great assurances of this man’s legitimacy! As a blogger, with obvious political leanings to the TRUTH/liberalism, I love reading this! Freedom baby! USE IT! :D (We have rights!! Farking FIGHT!)

    Act up, stand up, man/woman up.
    Fight. Run. Hide. Stand. Hope.
    Pray. Stay. Stray.

    Peace and love!

  4. I’m deeply honoured to be included in the MF Hall of Fame……I am saddened to see no apoplectic rage from Earwig about my inclusion…is he still in Rampton?

    • I seem to recall you were supposed to be submitting, for our general edification, an article to Max outlining your proposed solutions as to how to make Shithole Britain a nicer place to live.
      Max, being the genial, free-spirited host that he is, has already guaranteed you an uncensored platform to air your dubious Leftie views and I remember you accepting the challenge.
      You’ve had plenty of time now – more than enough – to complete your essay. So where is it? Or are you just yet another empty-headed Left-wing windbag with nothing more constructive than snide remarks and detraction to offer up?

      • Nah then, nah then our Wiggy – yon lad is polishing his prose for our improvement. Don’t want to put him off his stroke, like … tha noos :-)

        • I won’t be holding my breath, Mr. C! In my experience this type of people are terrified of setting out their ideas for critical analysis, because they (the ideas that is) simply don’t stand up to it. They’re easily ripped apart because they’re based on false assumptions. Marx himself was the master of the false assumption and look where is loony, half-baked ideas have taken us!
          My guess is ‘our friend’ will quietly slope off and hope we forget all about him and his long overdue masterpiece.

  5. Ah be Jesus, Earwig still has computer privileges in his cell…I have typed this reply twice as the first disappeared into the ether so if it appears twice I apologise…

    I’m not sure I remember being commissioned to write an article but if Earwig would like to let me know on what topics he requires tuition I will gladly oblige the next time that it rains.

    I do remember reading an epic piece by Earwig on here some time ago that made me contact his Nurses to increase his medication. Are you feeling any better old chum?

    In the mean time Up the Workers and Down with Centipedes…

  6. Not funny, very not fucking funny. I have always enjoyed MF until today even if I only agree with about 25% of it….but this is not funny, this is just plain nasty, unpleasant and unnecessary.

    • Max – there’s an echo on this line ;)

      Either that or Phil Mitchell’s old girlfriend has taken umbrage about something or other…

  7. Quit whining and do something to make a difference. Pointing out that these people are cunts doesn’t make you less of a cunt yourself.

  8. You’ve been fucking round with your blog layout again, haven’t you?

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