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Ken Clarke Advised Not To Sue Ben Fellows

Ken Clarke Advised Not To Sue Ben Fellows

Source inside Leveson Inquiry tells Ben Fellows :

Leveson is going to set you up …

Guest post by Ben Fellows

The prank call by Australian radio presenters who got a condition report from the Duchess of Cambridge’s nurse by pretending to be the Queen and Prince Charles proves the need for new privacy laws, Lord Justice Leveson has said.

However, I received a disturbing telephone call this afternoon from one of Lord Justice Leveson’s key advisors. I should note before continuing that due to the fact that Lord Justice Leveson has gagged his own people from speaking out, I will not be naming my source from within his own camp, under any circumstances. I’m just going to lay out my conversation with my source and include as much information as is pertinent.

The source stated that …

Because you have written articles about Ken Clarke on the internet making serious allegations of sexual assault. Leveson is going to set you up saying that you are indulging in gossip on the internet to discredit a senior member of parliament

Internet Censorship

He went on to say that …

Once you and the bloggers who published your articles have been dealt with in the press, then the government will rush in new laws to deal with censorship of the internet. In other words you’re going to be the poster child for internet censorship. This is all happening so that the government can bring in, what appears to be from the public point of view, legitimate press censorship – but of course it isn’t

Ben Fellows Leveson Is Going To Set You Up Leveson Inquiry Internet Censorship Inside source Ken Clarke government internet censorship laws bloggers press

I asked my source if this was true then why hadn’t Ken Clarke sued me already? I haven’t received so much as a solicitor’s letter from Clarke or The Cabinet Office. He said …

Ken Clarke was advised not to sue you so that they could use your allegations to bring about censorship of the web

Whilst dazed in a stupor as my brain computed the horrifying prospect of going down in history as the man who brought about internet censorship. I asked my source why they had contacted me now? My source replied …

I’m giving you five minutes notice of what’s going to happen to you. Don’t say you weren’t warned! I fundamentally disagree with what Leveson is doing. It’s state corruption of the highest order and is close to meeting the definition of tyranny against the British Public

So now I guess I know what Leveson meant when he talked about salacious gossip on the internet. Or rather, who he was talking about! Do I believe this? Should I believe this? Should you believe this? The world has taken leave of its senses of late and we are being pushed into a financial and social collapse created by out of control foreign bankers.

They’ve even disbanded the military for a month and now they want to get their hands on the internet. So for the corporate takeover of this country to be complete. In order to have a state controlled and licensed media. You would need to shut down bloggers and journalists on the internet who have differing opinions to that of the government. So it makes perfect sense, if we’re living in Nazi Germany, the former Eastern Bloc or China but this is Great Britain…or is it?

Links :

Freedom Of The Press Threatened By Cabinet Minister Ken Clarke

Ben Fellows Ken Clarke Allegations Redux

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  1. Are you sure you are not yourself, Ben, the victim of a hoax phone call? As I understand it, Leveson’s work is done. His remit is over and he has no further locus standi in this matter.
    I don’t doubt TPTB would like to stifle all dissent. It would make their job a hell of a lot easier, but using you as the ‘poster boy’ for such a move doesn’t strike me as an appropriate catalyst for such a change. In short, I remain to be convinced…

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    • Once you and the bloggers who published your articles have been dealt with in the press,

      Right, Max, I’m now going to scour back through your posts on the issue and quote form them. When will they realize that this only exacerbates our opposition, not cows it?

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      • Nice one James. That’s the spirit! Let me know if you do a post on this and I’ll add you to the links at the end of this post ;-)

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    • Fair comment Wiggy but the way I see it is … one of Leverson’s key advisers has leaked the info in the capacity of someone who is in the know. Not in a capacity related to the Leveson Inquiry. In other words, he’s heard via Lord Leveson and others … what the catalyst is going to be to enable Cameron et al to introduce new internet censorship laws.

      I really hope this isn’t true but, I fear, that this scenario is more than plausible.

      Shades of the Lord McAlpine tactic IMHO.

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      Rating: 3.7/5 (3 votes cast)
      • Leveson’s report strongly recommended legally enforceable controls on the print media. The public, by and large, agreed with this, especially in regard to the outrageous treatment of the Dowler family et al. Leveson also said the internet was far less influential than the print media. Since Cameron has backed away from press controls, it would be curious indeed to see how he could justify clamping down on the blogosphere and whatnot – even if it were practical to do so. The public are certainly not demanding it, after all. We know damn well that any attempt to curtail free speech on the net will be met with a veritable shitstorm of protest against the instigators, and that protest will (on past experience) not be entirely peaceful. Hacktivists around the world will turn the focus of their resourcefulness and anger against anyone involved in it. They will be targeted and suffer genuine and very costly personal consequences for it. They might need to consider this very carefully before even mooting the idea on public. Have they got the bottle? Time will tell I guess….

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  2. And how exactly is Leveson or the UK government going to shut down the worldwide Internet? Perhaps they have some devilish plan to colonise the entire world and then legislate for it? Those of us hosted outside the UK will continue to publish as we do now.

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    • Anna, old horse, I think you should revert to your previous avatar. It was more feisty and somehow better represented you. ;)

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  3. Just noticed the allegations relating to Ben Fellows and Ken Clarke have developed some considerable legs now. It’s proliferated all over the place! Wonder if Clarke will be forced to make a statement about it? The silence is becoming deafening!

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