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Open Letter To David Cameron

westminster paedophile ring david cameron ken clarke ben fellows hunger strike operation fernbridge arrest carlton tv open letter cyril smith cook savile

Dear Prime Minister I very much hope you are enjoying your family holiday in Lanzarote. I am also in Lanzarote but for other reasons which will become clear. I am writing to you now regarding a most serious matter concerning that of an institutional paedophile ring operating in Westminster politics and my own allegations which involve Cabinet Minister The Right ... Read More »

Ed Miliband Jewish PM Election Poster

Ed Miliband Jewish PM

It seems that Ed ‘I don’t believe in God’ Miliband has decided to play the gay immigrant race anti-semitism card ahead of the 2015 General Election. Oh yes! The self confessed atheist is hoping to become Britain’s first Jewish Prime Minister. Ed Miliband Jewish Prime Mister? Let’s take a look at that all import Labour 2015 General Election Poster … ... Read More »

Ben Cowburn Comedian Tribute

Ben Cowburn Comedian Tribute by Stephen K Amos gay TV comic celebrity twitter tweet suicide tragic death raped mr x groomed stylist sexual abuse overdose

I’m not a regular reader of the Daily Mail Online obvs (as the text speak youth of today would say) but I did happen across a headline which read “TV Comic Groomed Tragic Overdose Teenager”. Initially I assumed the splash was some new angle on Michael Barrymore and the pool boy. No. The headline actually referred to 18 year old ... Read More »

Maria Miller Resigns After Expenses Wonga.Con Loan

Maria Miller Resigns After Expenses Wonga.Con Loan - see the advert funny image photo tory pressure pmqs 1922 committee cameron thieves all in it together

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Rennie Police Fed Truth Free Mints

Ian Rennie Resigns Police Federation Truth Free Plebgate Tablets spoof funny advert image photo chairman general secretary quit conference report change

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How Safe Is Your Child

How Safe Is Your Child, sexually abused, raped, buggered, social workers, teachers, police, clergy, celebrities, MPs, judiciary, royalty, paedos, care homes, armed forces, Mi5, Mi6, paedophile ring, government, childlike, nspcc

How many children have been sexually abused, raped or buggered by social workers? How many children have been sexually abused, raped or buggered by workers in care homes? How many children have been sexually abused, raped or buggered by teachers? How many children have been sexually abused, raped or buggered by leaders of Scouts and Girl Guides? How many children have ... Read More »

Winner The Voice 2014 Sally Barker

Winner The Voice 2014 Sally Barker young photo pic image album covers tom jones singer songwriter guitarist producer music career the poozies iTunes songs

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Luciana Berger Smoking At Westminster

Luciana Berger smoking mp west mister caught on camera photo pic smoking in cars children shadow health minister labour duplicitous liverpool wavertree

Here is a picture of the Labour MP and Shadow Health Minister Luciana Berger smoking within the grounds of Westminster. I wonder if she has ever smoked in her car? Here is what she had to say, on her website, with regard to the House of Commons vote on banning smoking in cars with children present. Comments are closed there, ... Read More »

David Cameron Twitter Mug

David Cameron Twitter Mug twatter #pmqs muppets ed miliband ed balls gold questions royal mail broken promises social media funny image photo picture pic

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Flight MH370 Cockpit Voice Recorder

Flight MH370 Black Box Cockpit Voice Recorder Last Communication New Account of Last Words Malaysia pilot co pilot found indian ocean key plane funny image

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Another Banned Oscar Pistorius Advert

Banned Oscar Pistorius Advert - boneless chicken legs bullets cricket bat girlfriend murder photo shooting trial news humour funny image pictures kfc spoof

Anyone else sick and tired of the wall-t0-wall and floor-to-ceiling news coverage of that chicken leg sprinter’s murder trial? So, if the new bathroom door lock indicator didn’t raise a smile, then … perhaps another banned Oscar Pistorius advert will ;-) Read More »

South Africa Trial New Bathroom Door Lock

Oscar Pistorius Bathroom Door

  Tip of the hat to Cheerful Soul … or maybe that should be an Oscar ;-) . Read More »

MP Portraits Sold To Cling Film Manufacturer

MP Portraits Sold To Cling Film Manufacturer diane abbott tony blair john bercow ken clarke william hague tony benn £250,000 taxpayers money funny image pic

I think we can file this one under ‘there is always a positive side to everything’ ;-) Following the recent news that our beloved parliamentarians have blown £250,000 of taxpayers’ money on MP portraits, a well-know national cling film manufacturer has now secured all the copyrights. A spokesman for the The Parliamentary Art Collection refused to disclose how much the portraits were ... Read More »

Ariel Sharon Limited Edition

Ariel Sharon Dead After 8 Years In Coma Limited Edition image bulldozer palestinians israel prime minister stroke war statesman funeral general career 1948 funny humor

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