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JailBait Jonny ++ Updated ++

In an observation, totally unrelated to the news that Caroline Spelman MP tried to obtain a super injunction for her son, I see that Jonny Spelman appears to like Jailbait. “fucking love this” says the England U18 rugby player in a comment left on the Facebook page, back in August of last year. I hardly think that was the reason ... Read More »

Jeremy Clarkson Quote Of The Day

Jeremy Clarkson said, … most importantly, injunctions don’t work. You take out an injunction against somebody or some organisation and immediately news of that injunction and the people involved and the story behind the injunction is in a legal-free world on Twitter and the internet. It’s pointless. Quite. . Read More »

Lawyers Attempt To Serve Twitter Users Via Twitter

This is a genuine screen grab of a batch of tweets that were sent out via a twitter account which appears to have been set up by Mishcon Law Service. Lawyers trying to serve legal documents on Twitter users … via Twitter? WTF! I mean, what kind of half wit comedian really thinks that this approach is going to work. ... Read More »

The BBC Comedy Quiz

Following a comment from Neodsa, in resposne to this recent post, I thought it might be fun to see if anybody can actually come up with an answer to this BBC Comedy Quiz. Name any BBC ‘comedian’ who … a.) Is funny. b.) Would be able to survive in the real world without BBC patronage. c.) Does not, under the ... Read More »

Keys In Tarmac Photo Shock

Hobbies are great, dontcha think. Nothing better than turning to something entertaining and relaxing after a hard week flogging, in an effort to throw off the chains of the daily grind. Well, believe it or not celebrities have hobbies too although some are a little stranger than others. David Beckham enjoys tattoos and fencing, Madonna likes her yoga, David Schneider ... Read More »

Susan Bor Resigns Role At RBS

The RBS Group Resourcing Director, Susan Bor, has followed in the footsteps of her former boss, Sir Fred Goodwin, and resigned from her role after 12 years at the Royal Bank of Scotland. During Sir Fred’s tenure, and beyond, Susan Bor was Royal Bank of Scotland’s head of group resourcing and an internal e-mail states that “Susan feels that now ... Read More »

Helen Wood Now On Twitter

Well there’s a turn up for the book, Helen Wood is now on Twitter. You know the one … rumoured to have charged some famous actor or other £195, for some sex and ‘back door’ dildo action in a Dublin hotel room, allegedly. Not entirely sure if it’s true, of course … as it’s all the subject of one of ... Read More »

The Worst Super Injunction So Far

This has just got to be the worst super injunction so far. It’s just seems so wrong on so many levels. My ‘WTF!’ disbelief and incandescent rage have reached biblical proportions as I have read and re-read, struggling to come to terms with the fact that the realm of super injunctions has unequivocally descended into a total farce. We’re not ... Read More »

Front Page Of The Sunday Herald

Do not click this link to view the front page of the Sunday Herald …. unless you live in Scotland. It features a thinly disguised photograph of the famous premiership footballer who is trying to sue the Twitter user @injunctionsuper.   Read More »

First Twitter And Facebook Super Injunction

Well, it had to happen sooner or later, didn’t it. The first super injunction that includes the gagging of social media networks, banning them from disclosing details of people who are the subject of a court privacy order. “any newspaper, magazine, public computer network, internet site, social network or media including Twitter or Facebook, sound or television broadcast or cable ... Read More »

The Max Factor

I’ve been struggling to find the words for this post. It’s an important one and I’d like to get it right. To be honest, it took me ages just to come up with the blog post title …. ‘The high cost of super injunctions’ was a possibility and, at one point, I even considered ‘blog closed after super injunction twitter ... Read More »

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